All devices are offline

Out of the blue this evening, all of my devices went offline (7 cameras mix of indoor and outdoor and a thermostat). Everything was working fine and then we noticed that it was getting really chilly in the house. The internet is working fine but all of the devices flashing blue. My furnace won’t kick on because the thermostat is offline!!! What is going on?

Welcome chfc456128. If all of my IOT devices simultaneously went offline, I’d 1st suspect a router problem, even if I could still access the Internet. I’d try power-cycling the router or if a mesh WiFi, power-cycle router and all APs.

Did you have a power outage? Did you try power cycling any or all non-functioning devices? Frequently they won’t reconnect.

I have the same issue! Installed/paired the rest of my sensors for the Home Monitoring earlier today.
For about 2 hours now it shows those sensors and the hub offline. Cameras are still working!

We have been experiencing the same issues for the past week…bulb groups won’t all turn off or on…plugs sometimes work…cameras don’t always connect we find that sometimes going into each device from the app can get them to work but not always.

I had a similar issue caused by an internet outage yesterday. One of my circuit breakers in my basement tripped which knocked out my Fios ONT. I reset the breaker and my internet was back up and running and all of the devices i use daily (Echo dots x4, laptops, tablets, cell phones) were reconnected with no issue.

This morning I noticed that my Wyze Sense system was offline. I noticed this because when I open my front/back doors I have an Alexa routine that sends an announcement letting me know that the door was opened - and this did not go off when opening my doors this morning. I tried re-adding the hub via the Wyze app several times with no luck, even though the app said the hub was added successfully and connected to Wyze cloud. All of my Sense devices were still showing offline.

Finally this is what got me back online:

-I long-pressed the reset button on the hub until the status lights started flashing quickly
-Then I long-pressed it again until the hub said “ready to connect”
-Then I re-added the hub via the Wyze app again. It again said that it was added successfully
-This time the system came back online
-One of my contact sensors (out of 10) was incorrectly reporting as Open since yesterday even though the door was closed. I think the door may have been closed after the Wyze Sense system went offline, and as such the sensor was ‘stuck’ in an Open state.
-I opened the door and closed it again
-This seemed to ‘wake the sensor up’ and it refreshed status as closed

So far all sensors have been working as expected, and I am able to arm the system and trigger the alarm.

Hope this helps anyone else that has this issue. I also hope this was a fluke and I won’t have to go through this everytime my wifi blips.