Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

This should just be a case of adding the UK STORE to the App. It should not require servers etc and should be quick to achieve. Please reconsider the work involved and take action.

Thanks, Mark

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We wish that were the case! But I’ve already looked into this and our latency would be too high for approval and we would need infrastructure changes beyond just flipping a switch to add the UK store. We aren’t ignoring this request. We’re just not in a position where we can support it at this point.

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Works all over Canada just fine and Amazon Canada obviously isnt the USA version.

So I’ve logged onto a VPN and selected a country different than Canada or the USA and at that point connections failed and error coded " service not available in your region" why not give that a try. Add one cam to a VPN with usa credentials… once selected/ set up open the app see what happens.
It’s late…I’m exhausted…it seems too easy a solution

Yes. I believe the Amazon skill works in Canada as well. Wyze still doesn’t fully support Canada yet, (They’re not supported for warranty replacements, etc) but definitely moreso than in other non-US countries. One of the hurdles with offering the Amazon skill overseas is the added latency due to Wyze’s US-based server stacks, which would cause them to fail their “Works with Alexa” certification. That’s less of an issue in Canada, since it’s geographically a lot closer.

Please make it available in the Uk!

This is extremely dissappointing that this skill isn’t available on Alexa in the UK.

Please make it available in the UK. I have 9 Wyze cams for home security and are effectively useless as part of my SMART home and security system.

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yes please PLEASE make this skill OUTSIDE of the u.s.
I understand that your main focus IS u.s. customers and its ok…
but WHY go trough the trouble od adding restrictions? i mean even if you do leave the skill in english thats ok but… just enable it PLEASE.

Please, wyze, make it worldwide. I have ten of your cameras in India and don’t want to migrate my amazon account to the US.

Please Wyze, add Amazon Echo (Alexa) support for international users. In my case Australia. Your products are great but the skill is not available to us.


And UK

Guys, we really need skills for Amazon Alexa Integration outside the US. There is a big number of users already, here in BRAZIL, the opportunity is huge, we have Datacenters that could easily host yourrequired infrastructure and spread the coverage of your products. Please prioritize it. Best Regards.

Hello . I join the group of people living outside of us who wish that wyze get its skill international. I’m french and I like the wyze cams. I tried to get the wyze cams viewable with monocle rtsp but there is an issue. Alexa app added my cameras in my equipment, but I can’t view it on my echo show 8. It works on VLC. Please wyze, consider to get your skill enable outside of US.

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn - can you please chart this interest from Australia? I have some Wyze cams that I would love to be able to view from my Echo devices, the way I can with my Ring doorbell. In fact I have one of my Wyze cams trained on my front door because it works better and faster than my Ring doorbell!! However - the skill is unavailable in Amazon Australia despite the fact that I can buy the cameras via Amazon Australia. I’d love to see it come through really soon!! :nerd_face::australia::crossed_fingers:

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It probably won’t be soon due to the infrastructure changes that would need to happy but I’ll inform the team of your interest. :slight_smile:

Look, don’t overcomplicate it with localized servers etc. I think everyone here knows that you focus on the US market. I bought my 15 cams in the full knowledge that they come with US plugs and I’ll probably not get any support for them outside the US. I’m ok with that, I can replace the plugs. Everything works.

However I cannot switch my Amazon profile for this to the US store, and break every other integration, my Audible accounts, my shipping benefits etc. just to get access to the Wyze skill for the Echo. We’re not talking about lokalizing the the skill or non-US support. Just release the existing US skill into the other Amazon market places. Its something we cannot work around unless Wyze helps us here.


We applied for that originally. The reason that we need infrastructure changes is because international latency was too significant for approval.


Could you not just buy cloud instances in Azure or AWS in the UK to get this approval. I for one would be prepared to pay up to $10 to enable this service - I think many others would do too. Please reconsider. Failing that, if you could openly share the RTSP settings and enable that on Wyze cameras, we can use other apps to link that to Alexa.

It has been over a year since this response and no change from the Wishlist which is disappointing in this era of technology, I’ve just had this answer cut and paste into my query from support. I am sure Wyze realises its product is sold beyond US borders by now. What are the plans from Wyze to submit their code for other regions? The response infers there is no intention to change this.

I think @WyzeGwendolyn the issue is that saying you only ship to the usa when you use global distribution like Amazon and affiliate companies is why you are damaging relationships with your clients. It very narrow vision to alienate the rest of the world by not focusing on key markets with a great revolutionary product and then watering down the brand with a million other products, trying to capitalize on the fame of product A.
Finding a homerun in the tech world is impossible and youve came upon a grandslam. I was told by a very successful business man one time what was the key to surviving… his answer was to take your best and most successful win and take it to the fullest it can be. Build a portfolio behind it as it develops but dont change or stop your core win…
Taking the v2 and pan to a global market with a product that is now proven and not anywhere near beta research is key to keeping these client because its not all sunshine and roses in the usa market…

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