Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

This should just be a case of adding the UK STORE to the App. It should not require servers etc and should be quick to achieve. Please reconsider the work involved and take action.

Thanks, Mark

We wish that were the case! But I’ve already looked into this and our latency would be too high for approval and we would need infrastructure changes beyond just flipping a switch to add the UK store. We aren’t ignoring this request. We’re just not in a position where we can support it at this point.

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Works all over Canada just fine and Amazon Canada obviously isnt the USA version.

So I’ve logged onto a VPN and selected a country different than Canada or the USA and at that point connections failed and error coded " service not available in your region" why not give that a try. Add one cam to a VPN with usa credentials… once selected/ set up open the app see what happens.
It’s late…I’m exhausted…it seems too easy a solution

Yes. I believe the Amazon skill works in Canada as well. Wyze still doesn’t fully support Canada yet, (They’re not supported for warranty replacements, etc) but definitely moreso than in other non-US countries. One of the hurdles with offering the Amazon skill overseas is the added latency due to Wyze’s US-based server stacks, which would cause them to fail their “Works with Alexa” certification. That’s less of an issue in Canada, since it’s geographically a lot closer.

Please make it available in the Uk!