Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

I emailed Wyze to ask about use outside USA. I trusted your answer. I’m not at all happy.

Because I don’t have access to the original email (I’m not an employee of Wyze), I can only speculate there was a miscommunication based on what you asked in the email. Here is the official support document on Alexa with the Wyze cameras. Please see the section that says, " Note: The Wyze skill for Alexa is currently only available in the USA and Canada."

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Sorry, I didn’t join the community to be Mr Angry, but I am so disappointed.

I contacted Wyze. The reply was very clear “the devices do not have any operation issues when used outside of the U.S”. Is it me, or is that statement totally clear that they will work without issues? Alexa integration is a major selling feature of their operation. The Wyze shop clearly says “Works with Alexa”. Nowhere does it say USA only. I didn’t expect a major selling feature to have conditions hidden behind so many layers. I certainly didn’t expect the Wyze Wizard Lead to give me misleading answers. This is not a good advert for the company.

So I am going to continue to be very upset and disappointed with the service I have received.

So sad because I am normally such a nice guy that leaves positive reviews. It takes so little to make me happy.

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We’re sorry. We understand why you’re disappointed and I’ll definitely be looking into how your conversation was handled. I’ll see about updating the language that the team uses for these questions. May I please have your support ticket number?

I can’t speak to the other companies and where their servers are. I don’t know how their infrastructure or code is different from ours. We’d like to get the Alexa skill to the UK later but we know this doesn’t help you right now. We apologize for frustrating you and giving you an incorrect answer when you tried to verify this.


@simon.white41 - In response to your suggestion of switching the Amazon account to US to enable the skill. When you switch the account back to UK does the skill still stick ? I’m actually in Canada but my entire amazon line up is linked to UK. I recently did the switch temporary to grab a few apps for my fire tv but would love to know if the skill sticks in the same manner

Sadly no. If you have any UK only skills, like BBC radio content you will lose them when switching to USA. You’ll also lose any audio book / kindle content as this is tied to the region. You’ll also lose any alarms and routines you may have setup. You’ll get them back when you switch back to UK but you’ll then lose the wyze skill gained from the USA setting. No notable workaround for this currently. :triumph:

Any Chance to have the Alexa skill for Wyze cameras as well enabled outside the U.S., e.g. Germany? Thanks

I’m on this one with you @Wikiyeyo , I decided to purchase the Wyze cams V2 as I wanted to use them with my Echo Spots but I’m dissapointed that the skill is not available for Mexico, this is definetely needed as it can help someone decide for these cameras instead of for others.

another frustrated uk customer would love for these to be view-able on my fire tv. The weird thing is the google skill is not geo locked, and i got my cam on my chromecast apart form a slight delay it worked perfectly.
so whats\ the difference is it a google / amazon policy difference

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Another disappointed international customer. I bought a camera and tested with echo spot where I live in the USA. Bought another echo spot and wyze cameras for India Location.But I came to know later that it won’t work outside US.
I wish I had known that before buying!!! Please label you ads in Amazon with “only works with Alexa in the USA”. You are actually cheating the customers…Your labelling is wrong “Works with Alexa” !!!

Do you have any plan to correct the wrong add “works with Alexa” , after getting this much frustrated customers … Do the necessary to correct ads as “works with Alexa only in US/Canada”. Be a authentic seller.

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I vote for germann version too :slight_smile:

I just bought one Cam Pan in México from amazon with the intention to use it with my Echo Show 5 and my Echo Spot, then after some time searching for the skill, i just found that I was scamed with the amazon “Alexa compatible” publicity, so i hope to see this option in my country :pensive:

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Has anyone tried tricking their echo devices into thinking that they’re American to get the Wyze skill?

You have to switch your whole account to America, it works but I had to switch back as lost prime & music unlimited
You could set up a second account based in America for Alexa, depends on what else you do with it, wouldn’t be able to order through it

This is still proper gutting and not even on the roadmap. Amazon Prime day and Echo Show is down to a great price in the UK, but as an early adopter of Wyze with 5 cameras, motion sensors, etc I can’t integrate my two systems

The WYZE alexa skill is available only for the US. when will it be made available for the rest of the world?

Its now July 2019, any news on enabling Wyze alexa skill in the UK? Please…

If you see the status tag change from “maybe-later” to “researching”, then that means it is on Wyze’s radar. :slight_smile:


May I ask why you still sell them via amazon to the EU?

I asked Amazon support US and they said all features should work in the UK.
" $37.98

This item ships to United Kingdom . Get it by Wednesday, July 31 - Monday, Aug. 5 Choose this date at checkout"

I think that’s called mis selling in the EU.

Or are you going to tell Amazon US to stop selling to the EU and mention it’s not alexa compatible?