Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

I’m not working with Wyze but I don’t think and I hope that they did not intentionally false advertise, but please guys hold on, as Alexa is one feature of Wyze Cam and even without it, its still functional. If most of us will return and refund because of this, since Wyze would lose money the more it would be difficult for them to achieve internationalization which is what they need to implement this feature worldwide. It is seldom to find such company working closely with its customer community, I think they deserve some consideration for their hard work.

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Well I know amazon has been asked 3 times to change there wyze web apge and have not done so.
This is blatant false advertising. With the EU commission now looking in to it.

I can see a $billion fine coming to both amazon and wyze. Google got $1.4 billion fine not so long back.

Hello everyone,

I too (an American living in Spain) was/is disappointed with the ‘‘working with Alexa’’ issue. I agree, it should be sorted out on Wyze’s end (as far as the text and marketing). Amazon is another thing. If they are making money, good luck having them change something to be correct. But I really don’t get the vibe that Wyze is doing this on purpose, more of a lack of understanding for internationalization of their business. I work with a lot of startups and see that ALL the time unfortunately (both from the US and EU side). Anyhow, I do hope it gets fixed soon.

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Amazon is selling Wyze products, outside the US, against Wyze’s wishes.
Suing Wyze for Amazon’s misinformation would be like suing Purdue because you don’t like the Oxy you bought from the crackhead on the corner.
Wyze has very little control other than limiting the supply of Wyze products sold to Amazon.

Citation needed.

You have got to be very naive to think that wyze has no say over what\how much they sell.

Here are a couple:

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That person is a Social Media Community Manager. And I would guess have no knowledge of wyze\amazon contract.

But I have messaged them. Lets see what happens.
Maybe if more people in the US complain. Then amazon\wyze may stop it.

I’m guessing she has more knowledge of the situation than you and I do. She has proven to be reliable over and over in these forums.

I agree that Amazon should be more careful about their claims of Alexa compatibility but if you are dissatisfied, why not return the Wyze products to Amazon?


In my experience, @WyzeGwendolyn does not say anything that xe has no knowledge of. If xe doesn’t know something, then xe will either find out from those who do, or not say anything.


We sell the products to US Amazon. At that point, it’s up to them what they do with the products. We did request that they limit sales to areas that we ship to because of the warranty complications (we started these discussions before we had the Alexa integration) but were unsuccessful. I don’t have access to further information about these discussions at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced.

And to and @Loki, thanks! I do my best and I appreciate hearing that I have been making a reputation for being reliable. What a great start to my weekend! :blush:


I think Wyze and Amazon are going on a trade law conflict here, since Alexa is Amazon tech/product and Amazon is international company so its fine for them to market it internationaly, but for Wyze which is not yet international company, I think Wyze is just being careful to comply with the US trade law. I just hope that Wyze will achieve internationalization soon so as to solve this problem and all of us non-US customer will benefit of the Alexa feature.

After the integration with Google Assistant I understand less the wyze decision to restrict alexa’s skill for international users. It makes no sense this decision.

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I agree.
This will push people to use Google home hub.

Amazon US has contacted me. They rules and laws don’t apply to them.

Wyze skill for Australia

I brought Wyze camera recently from Amazon. I realised the Wyze skill not available in Australia. What a shame. I am very disappointed. I hope Wyze will create one as soon as possible.


Hello @WyzeGwendolyn !

I’m from Spain, and I’ve been watching Wyze from the distance for a long time.
A long time ago I considered installing some “smart” things (cameras, sensors, bulbs, etc.) on my house, but I gave up on the idea because I didn’t really find something that really appealed to me. And your products were the ones that really appealed, but I found myself kind of disappointed when I discovered that you didn’t market anything internationally (Amazon does but it’s not the same price).

I just want to say that if you upgraded the marketing and service internationally, it would be like the greatest hit on “smartification”.
Here in Spain most people don’t take a step towards “smart things” because the price tag is too steep and they don’t really want to take that amount of risk. But if your products arrived here at a price tag equal (or very similar) to that on the US, I can assure you that A LOT of people would start buying, installing and using these type of things, and the skepticism that lingers over here around “smart stuff” would start to fade.

Thank you! And keep up with the work!

PS: Be kind if you find any error related to grammar or language, crearly it’s not my main language :smiley:


Amazon Mexico sells the cameras directly listing Alexa Support! How can you say you are not an international company? I was a huge fan buying cameras for family and friends and all the broken promises are so disappointing! I have to take it back and discourage buying from you. We are next to the US! USA infrastructure should be enough to comply with latency standards. It is not that you can’t, it is simply that you don’t want to but you keep the customer being fooled because we buy.

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The fault is with Amazon. They are selling the camera outside the US in noncompliance with Wyze’s instruction and permission. More info on this is in the posts earlier in this thread.

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Hi Loki! That is ridiculous, if Amazon is selling my product without my permission, then I stop selling to Amazon internationally and that’s it, you can do something about it but prefer not to.

El El mié, 14 de agosto de 2019 a la(s) 21:28, Loki via Wyze Community escribió:

WYZE is selling to Amazon US and Amazon is then in turn selling the product anywhere they want against what WYZE says. Yes they could pull all product from Amazon but that is a very hard choice due to the reach of Amazon.

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Sorry you are wrong on this 100%.

Now that the European Commission is looking in to this. Amazon US emailed me this.

" understand that your query is regarding the Wyza pro cam issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this.

I have checked the conversation which you had previously with my colleagues about the Wyze pro cam issue.

To make things right I have raised a ticket to the team to update the product details on the website about the usage according to region.

Case ID: 04071*****

Product descriptions are provided by the product manufactures, I have forwarded this to the concerned teams to make changes as per the law.

Allow us some time to get an update about the product details. We surely do not want our customer’s to face any issue with Amazon or its devices.

Please allow us sometime for our team to check for this and update it on the website.

If you have further queries, please write back to this email and we will gladly assist you."

So the blame game begins!
I see a few Billion dollars coming to the EU sooner or later.

What we know is that the wyze skill works anywhere in the world if you change your location to the US.
Since amazon won’t ever do this and companies\sellers make up strange reasons why the skill won’t work.

Some one in the EU will bring out the same cameras.
In fact it’s already happened.

The wyze smart cam is called " Neos SmartCam" in the UK.
And it works with alexa and fire TV.