Alexa Wyze Skill for Europe, Asia, Australia, other non-US areas



Hi @WyzeGwendolyn,

But at least, do you have it in your road map?



We’d like to get there! Since I haven’t heard any concrete plans yet I would hesitate to say that it’s on our roadmap. It’s definitely on our radar, though. :slight_smile:


Hi Wyze Team; congrats on finding investors that share your companies philosophy!
When I read that news, being in Ireland, Europe, I much hoped that this would move the ‘Making Alexa Skil available in EU’ onto your Road map, and hence the question if it did, and if so, if there is a rough timeline associated with that, you can share with us.

Many thanks in advance for your response and keep up the great work!


I’m pleased with the Wyze Cam as it is, but being in Europe (UK) and using a variety of Amazon Echo devices (including Echo Spot and Fire TVs), not having the Alexa skill is a barrier to my decision to buy more Wyze Cams. Please support your European users :disappointed:


Sorry @Mothman but the infrastructure needed to maintain Alexa support is not available as of right now for this to happen in other countries besides US and Canada sadly.