Alexa Show not working


Camera 1 - Rebooted and now works with Echo Show
Camera 2 - Rebooted and it lost connectivity in the app… Had to set it back up. Still doesn’t work in Echo Show.
Camera 3 - Haven’t done anything and not rebooting it because it’s more difficult to get to if it needs to be reset. It doesn’t work in Echo Show.


I’m having the same issues! “Hmm, the camera is not responding.” I bought the Wyze because it started it worked with the Alexa Show! I sure hope this gets fixed soon!!


Wyze has engaged on this here:


Wish we could get some form of response or information. I mean cameras went from working to not working. Something changed…


Update on this after I made no changes

Camera 1 - Now doesn’t work (worked after reboot yesterday)
Camera 2 - Now does work (didn’t work yesterday)
Camera 3 - Still doesn’t work (didn’t work yesterday)


Hey Everyone! Thanks for your participation here and keeping us in the loop!

At this time, it’s unknown whether the cause of the issue is on our end or the Amazon side and I’m really sorry I don’t have a better answer than that. It would be extremely helpful if you could send us an app log so we can get the information to the dev team for investigation.

You can do this from the Account tab (select Help & Feedback > Report an issue). When you tap submit, you’ll be prompted to select an app to send it from. Make sure you select your email app (it will auto populate a draft email for you) and then just hit send. Feel free to list my name for the agent and please include as much information as possible about any troubleshooting you may have already tried.

Once again, I am incredibly sorry for the lack of information on our part. It is my hope that with enough help from all of you, we can narrow down the issue and find a resolution quickly.

Thanks in advance for your help, folks! We really appreciate it!


I had to Use the restart In the app, on A couple of cams now they are all working


I restarted my 2 cameras that were not working (I pulled power from them and didn’t use the app to restart) and everything is now working. So all 3 of my cameras are working now


I am having issues connecting my Amazon Echo Spot to my 2 V2 cameras yesterday and today. 90% of the time, Alexa gives up with the message “sorry, the cam is not responding”. It works the other 10% #headscratcher

The cameras are working perfectly within the Wyze app.


I am also having issues connecting to my camera via an Alexa Show.


I am having the same issue. I have 5 cameras but only 2 of them work with my Echo Show 2nd gen. So frustrating! :persevere: They all work fine in the iOS app and all devices have been added to the Alexa device list. I bought this Echo Show to use as a monitor for my elderly aunt that I take care of. I really only need the Show working with that camera. If I can’t figure it out I may just switch the camera locations of the ones that work to be in her room.


I tried to send feedback but was never presented with an email option. Hopefully you got it.a


I had to unplug my Echo Show to move it and now none of my cameras are working. :pensive:


If You didn’t send it through an email They didn’t get it


Tried my cameras again this morning and now the 2 cameras out of 5 are working again. What a strange issue! :thinking:


I use an echo dot and fire TV To view my cameras on the TV , All of my cameras work but sometimes they stop working , 24 hours or so they will start working again , I think it has more to do with Something on Amazon’s end than wyze, It’s amazing they get all this stuff to work together at all


Just got a new Echo Spot. Installed the Wyze skill and I am getting the camera not responding errors for all 5 of my cameras. I assume this means that this issue has not been resolved yet.


I have an ECHO SPOT and SHOW. I just acquired a WYZE CAM v2. I have done ALL the steps and “fixes” I have seen suggested. YES firmware is updated on ALL devices. Every time I wish to “see” the cam feed on either of my COMPATIBLE Echo devices, after a long pause, Alexa tells me that the camera is not responding. This has clearly been a widespread issue since last November (date of original post). I wish I had seen this before I purchased the camera. The point of this camera was to be able to use my Alexa device with a reliable camera.


I have the same issue with Echo Spot and cam v2.

Alexa is showing wait for camera.

May be I should return both of them before it is too late.


I set up my camera last night and it won’t connect to my Alexa Show. Frustrating…I did send an email to support.