Alexa Show not working


As of now, my Echo Spot is seeing my Wyze and Nest cameras just fine. However I always have buffering issues on the Spot. I use Bluestacks on my PC and have no problems and my iOS devices have no problems. So yeah, it has to be an Amazon issue I’d think.


I too am having buffering issues… Have had all along with the Echo. Camera via phone is fine.


Mine will only show 3 of 8. Not sure why Amazon says is not there problem.


I had a Amazon update. So I signed out and back in. Then Under Alexa skills I disabled Wyze then enable it. Bam back on all cameras. The show is touchy. Maybe this isn’t relevant or I’m slow on the up take but I’ve waiting for the Amazon Firestick the view everything. I just mirrored my phone on any TV and opened the Wyze program. Pretty cool. Just sayin…