Alexa Show not working


I have an ECHO SPOT and SHOW. I just acquired a WYZE CAM v2. I have done ALL the steps and “fixes” I have seen suggested. YES firmware is updated on ALL devices. Every time I wish to “see” the cam feed on either of my COMPATIBLE Echo devices, after a long pause, Alexa tells me that the camera is not responding. This has clearly been a widespread issue since last November (date of original post). I wish I had seen this before I purchased the camera. The point of this camera was to be able to use my Alexa device with a reliable camera.



I have the same issue with Echo Spot and cam v2.

Alexa is showing wait for camera.

May be I should return both of them before it is too late.



I set up my camera last night and it won’t connect to my Alexa Show. Frustrating…I did send an email to support.



This Alexa issues seem to be happening since Jan and there is no support resoonses fot this issue at all on this thread.

Omg, the support is really bad as I am going to return back to Amazon tomorrow if I don’t hear anything back tomorrow.

Also, planning to post a review in Amazon to let other folks know that it does not work with Alexa so people don’t need to waste time on this.




All 3 of my cameras say not responding with my firetv cube. Removed and re added, power cycled etc. no luck.



As a heads up, this is the Ask the Community section. Our support people don’t usually go here but here’s a link for getting in contact with them:

That said, WyzeAnjel is one of our support people and did ask for people to contact us so that we have more data to work with. Here’s the information that I have on this:

Starting 1/22, connection time for Alexa devices began to increase causing widespread connectivity issues. A temporary fix was put in place and as of 1/30 most users should not be affected anymore. Some users may experience slow connectivity or the inability to connect to their camera from an Alexa device on the first try. We are working with Alexa/AWS to fully resolve this issue ASAP.

Temp workaround: If a customer is unable to connect to their camera from an Alexa device they may need to attempt 2-3 additional times to connect. This is caused by the slowed connectivity timing the connection out.

If any of you are still having trouble with this, please let us know. This will be a server side fix so you will not need an update and once the issue is resolved the fix should be available for everyone without further action on the customer’s part.


Not responding to echo


I have already submitted a request and also tried almost twenty time today and no luck. I have not been able to use Alexa at all since I purchased. I don’t think it is the Alexa set up issue as I have more than a dozen of Alexa devices installed in my home so installing Alexa devices is not new to me at all.

Looking forward to see fix to be in place asap as I am not sure if I should return them back to Amazon as I purchased these cams mainly for Alexa connectivity for the cam.



Do you receive any error messages as you try to connect? We’re sorry that you’ve been having such trouble with the integration. We understand that it’s frustrating. :frowning:



I have been getting ‘Waiting for Wyze Camera’ on my Echo Spot or Fire TV and Alexa told me that ‘hmmm. the camera is not responding’.




Are you or have you tried using your Fire TV voice remote To access the cameras



Nope as I used Echo Spot alone and never got it working anyways.

Don’t think Fire remote voice will make any difference.



Btw, to add more context, I bought them from and used it in Canada and registered Alexa and the cam with account. Not sure if it makes any difference.



I’m not sure wyze is even supported outside of the US



Some people say that fire TV remote will work when other Things won’t
Don’t know for sure unless you try it.
But if you’re not using It with the fire TV that Remote is not going to work anyways



I also bought two cameras. They seem installed properly to connect to my Echo spot. I ask to see the cameras on the echo spot, says connecting and times out saying could not connect to camera. Same issue as everyone else! Trying multiple times does not help



Cameras work fine in Canada by the way. Purchased on

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Based on my understanding, it should work in Canada and US only.

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I installed one new camera yesterday and it will not play on my Echo Show, five other cameras installed on Feb 13 are still working fine and will play on the Echo show.



I have been continuing to poke the engineers about this. They say that power cycling the Wyze Cam SHOULD usually resolve this but for the people here it doesn’t sound like it does. Could you please message me with the MAC address of the Wyze Cams that aren’t showing up consistently, the time that you tried to connect, and your time zone?

Also, the Alexa integration SHOULD work in North America but other locations won’t have the skill available.

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Not responding to echo

Have had the V2 Wyze cam’s with one pan/til and these are great cameras, work great in the Wyze app with IOS. Just purchased the Echo Spot and added all five cameras. Only the same two connect every time while the other three never connect. Alexa say’s “the camera isn’t responding”. I’ve done everything in this list ^ nothing changes, the same two connect and the same three do not. I just added two new V2 cameras, they also will not respond on the Echo Spot. The Wyze skill and Amazon need work, very disappointed in Amazon.