Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

My sensors do a good job of turning lights on where I need them

I have configured a Wyze door sensor to trigger an Alexa Routine.

It doesn’t work.

The Routine itself, when triggered manually in the Alexa app, works as expected. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Wyze Skill but it’s still a no-go.

Trigger the door and wait about an hour and see if it runs, just delayed.

Yes. I set up a test routine to have Dot beep when contact sensor opens. So far it has been 10-30 minutes late each time. Pretty pointless, so disabling the routine for a while.

Yesterday when I set up the routines it’s was pretty fast. Now there is major lag. Could it be a server load issue due to a whole lot of people suddenly adding the service?

Yes, having delays as well. Anyone figure out how to make a soft beep or chime on ALL alexa devices when a door opens? Would like to know if a door opens when I’ve either in basement or upstairs.

You can do it as an “Announcement” instead of “Alexa says,” and it will play on all devices, but the only way I know of to do a beep is to write a curse word, (Funny, but it works.) The only problem is that if you do that as an announcement, Alexa does its own chime sound first, so you’ll get sort of a double chime.

You can see my “F-word” method working below, but that was with “Alexa says” as opposed to an announcement. With an announcement, there would be an additional sound before the beep.

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Wanted to thank Wyze Dev team for this Alexa Routine Integration with Wyze Sense, this feature is huge and very useful for all of us, however it is taking forever to trigger Alexa routines. Please fix it.

The sense integration with alexa has not been officially launched by wyze, so you may have problems, play with them at your own risk

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To play around with this
I set up a couple of door sensors in Alexa to play a sound when the door opens, I found a red alert and siren sound available, I set both of them in actions , as soon as I open the door the sounds play , there is no delay so far.
With the sound on the echo dot set to 10 it will definitely wake your butt up if your door opens

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I dont seem to be having any problems yet. Using motion sensors to turn on lights in all my rooms. Bridge is connected to a camera I have set to restart every day at a set time.

Perhaps some of the issues people are having are related to the Amazon Echo Devices themselves. I’ve had issues in the past where they have done some odd things or had issues with apps. The solution was to Unregister that Echo device from my Amazon account. (Do a factory reset on that device if necessary after removing from account). Reboot the device. Then Reregister it to your Amazon Account. Its kind of annoying, I know. But if you did a factory reset too. Its clean up corrupt data and does usually fix odd issues.

Whether it will work for this problem is an unknown. People will have to test it and post here to let’s us know.

I think I need to do that to one of my dots because it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do

Not sure either. Integrate with guard is a nice to have … getting sense to integrate is a must have. They said it would be done before the end of the year. But no word. Just brought and installed a bunch of contact sensors so hope this in done very soon!

Wyze, can you share an update on the integration.

Wyze Sense integration with Alexa Routines may be official now. If you check the Wyze Skill in Alexa, it now says “What’s New: We have added your Motion and Contact Closures to Alexa. You can now use them to trigger Routines!”

I will ping Wyze folks about this and if correct, get an announcement put up in #news.


As of this morning my routines are working normally without delay.

Mine as well, but if it is like app notifications, I expect that there will be lags/delays and not always “instant”.

If I use alexa says, I believe I can only play on one device. So I would need to create 6 routines to cover all my devices. On the other hand announcements has that extra chime at the beginning. Jeez thought having a simple beep when someone opens the door wouldn’t be so complex.

Any other ideas?

Nope. Sounds like those are your options at this point. But that’s an Alexa limitation, not a Wyze one. The situation DOES seem to be slowly improving. They keep adding new things to routines, so we can all keep our fingers crossed.

Last night all my sensors routines started working with Alexa again. What a relief…

My wyze sensors show as individual devices but do not show as groups as do my wyze bulbs. I am trying to accomplish “If any contact sensor is opened then alexa turns on all wyze bulbs and sounds an alarm to all alexa devices”. I have this accomplished via individual contact sensors but is a pain to activate and deactivate each individual alexa routine! IFTTT has an option for “If any sensor opens” but the “Then” action cannot be an alexa routine (as of yet). Any ideas?