Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

It would be great if my Sense sensors could trigger my existing smart devices which are not Wyze brand. Being able to have the door sensor trigger the Wyze bulb lights is a great example that could be expanded. And even just having the sensor trigger Alexa announcing “____ Door is Open” or “_____ has detected motion” it would be a great way to have an alarm in the house for a potential break in.

I think it’s best to have following

  1. motion detection Alexa trigger
  2. schedule motion trigger of above (for example: my kids waiting for carpool to pickup between 7-7:30am, so a car pulls up during this time can trigger Alexa word “your car ride is here kids!”

That would be great!
I already developed several useful routines which turn on lights when motion is detected by Ring cameras or motion detectors and it would be great if I could do the same with Wyze cameras.
I have a wyze cam at the garage and it would be good to turn on the light for a few minutes after motion was detected by the camera.
I also like to keep this camera inside my house when I travel and turning on the lights or additional cameras when the Wyze camera detects Motion would be a nice feature.

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My smart house is set up with a SmartThings Hub and Alexa Echo Dots. I was just about to buy a lot of the Wyze Sense Motion Detectors. However, it sounds like they can not be used as a trigger for an Alexa routine. I am currently using the SmartThings Motion Sensor to trigger my garage lights to turn on and off. Working perfectly and the lights are turned on very quickly. I was hoping to do more of this with other rooms and for other security needs.

Wyze, it’s not very wise to not have your sensors provide trigger capability for Alexa. Won’t be buying any Wyze Sense products until this changes. Oh and PLEASE add this functionality to the motion detectors in the Wyze cams.

My smart house is set up with a SmartThings Hub and Alexa Echo Dots. I was just about to buy a lot of the Wyze Sense Motion Detectors. However, it sounds like they can not be used as a trigger for an Alexa routine. It’s not very wise to have sensors that do not provide Alexa trigger capability. I won’t be buying any Wyze Sense products until this changes. Oh and PLEASE add Alexa trigger functionality to the motion detectors in the Wyze cams. Doing so will make these Wyze products so much more useful.

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I totally agree with you. Currently Alexa allows their BT buttons for gaming work as triggers but they only allow 4 buttons. Also my smart home does exactly what I hope wyze will do. I can see my Samsung magnetic switches and IR detectors and use them as triggers with my alexa. Keep up the good work at wyze.

Agreed! Webcore is pretty awesome… Might be a little confusing starting out for some people, but it’s worth investing the time to learn it. It’s so much better than IFTTT (though I do still find use for IFTTT depending on the device), but the obvious benefit is the increased speed of reaction to commands.

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Yep, this should be easy to add, they have the API for it:

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Great. Had to find this out the hard way. Given how much success I’ve had with Wyze, I made the mistake of assuming this integration would already be there. I started to remove my stitch sensors to replace them with Wyze. To my disappointment, Wyze doesn’t have the same functionality.

I guess I have to return it and go back to stitch.

You’d think though that with the bridge, it could register the devices and manage the processing with the cameras to imitate the devices virtually and push the notifications the same way as it does other video messages.

The back-end doesn’t care. Yes, I’m a programmer. At first I thought it might be a problem because the sensors cannot be updated but the bridge and the camera firewares are all that need to be updated,

Smart bulbs are great for lamps, or any other light that require you turn on at the fixture. They are not good for lights that are controlled through a switch. I already have TP link smart bulbs in all of my non-switched lights. I did put TP link colored bulbs in my daughters room for their ability to flash different colors while synced to music. For that I took the switch out of the wall, connected the two black wires that went into the switch and put the switch back in. Now the switch is a dummy switch and there are no issues.

I agree about the smart watch idea. Just don’t for get about Android/Samsung.

At this point, I’ve officially given up on Wyze. Instead of integrating their cheap sensors into the Echo, to make it useful, they’re pushing their own bulbs. Thanks, but I’ve filled all the light sockets in my house with smart bulbs and don’t plan on replacing them anytime soon. Wyze is useless to me, by their choice.

It’s good there are other options out there.

I would agree that the bulb is not so good as a room light. However I have my bulb in a lamp across the room. When the racoons raid my fish pond the WYZE sensor detects them and I have it turn the lamp on for 2 minutes and then turn off. Works well. Does not disturb the wife with alarms (sound) and all is copesetic in the house.

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This integration is already here. I was adding some motion sensors and contact sensors to my existing setup and Alexa started notifying me about new devices it auto discovered. I was just able to pull them in the Alexa app and design some routines. See screenshot.

But I was not able to make it discover my already online contact sensors. Strangely it auto added all my motion sensors. I tried removing a contact sensor from the Wyze app and re-added to test if Alexa is able to auto-detect. But it didn’t. Manual detection also didn’t work. I then tried added a brand new contact sensor and that too didn’t get noticed by Alexa. It seems like this was just working for a day?

My existing Alexa routines and working just fine with Wyze. What happened there? Anybody else experienced this? Maybe a beta software thing?

It’s a beta test , use at your own risk

Love it for the beta. And love it more because you are still working on this to make this happen.

I am just trying to have fun experimenting with this. Can you tell why the Alexa app suddenly stopped notifying me about new contact sensors or motion sensors that I am adding now to the Wyze bridge? It did pretty well 3 days ago when I added a bunch of sensors.

Thanks again for all the smart work!

Because it’s early beta , it might stop working, start working , screw things up or they may pull it completely , just don’t know , they are still working on it

This is GREAT news. I just about gave up and ordered another brand contact sensors. Can’t wait … any ETA?

Thank you for identifying that this is beta functionality. I am perfectly good playing Guinea pig as long as it isn’t being passed off as a production feature.
Is there, by chance, any documentation of how to implement/configure for those of us willing to play with it?