Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Very cool. Great suggestion. I’d love to see Wyze integrate a virtual switch into their own platform so that things like this can be accomplished with fewer steps and without the need to involve 4 different platforms. Haha. (Wyze + Alexa + IFTTT + SmartThings)

Be sure to go here and vote for a Wyze Virtual Switch if you’d like to see that too.

I set up one if back door open ,on all devices announcement says "get your funkin ass outa here " is says the whole thing too :laughing:

To everyone posting in this thread, please keep in mind that this topic is still tagged as “in-development”. It is not officially in “testing” or “launched” as of yet. :slight_smile:


If that is the case, then why have the sensors been exposed to Amazon? I am not a beta tester…

I’m also running the Wyze app that claims “You can now use them to trigger routines!” except “I” can’t. I’m one of the first to request this feature, but it appears that I’m not privileged to use this feature. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed everything, did manual device searches, name it. Nothing. They don’t appear in Alexa at all for me, let alone trigger a routine. Is there some secret handshake to get in to this club?

Please see the below posts. Wyze has not told us (Moderators and Mavens) that the status of this topic has changed, regardless of what Alexa is stating. I will try to get someone from Wyze to update this thread.


Yes, i recall this thread. If I understand correctly in early November (when this post was written) it was in response to the accidental release of a beta where some customers were able to discover the Wyze sense devices through Alexa.

I hope they didn’t do this again.

Certainly an official update would be nice as I have no choice if I want to continue using the functionality of my cameras, but to expose my sensors to Amazon Alexa. Unless someone can tell me where in the Wyze app I have a choice about which Wyze products are being exposed. I was never able to find any setting in the app when I tried to limit my camera exposure.

We’re aiming to do the official announcement this week. Stuff is in production now but there were a couple of things that still needed to be deployed before we did the announcement and considered it ready to go. :slight_smile:


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, thank you for your response!

Do you happen to have and aswser about this…

Aside from the sensors, I have some cameras which I would not like Amazon/Alexa to have access to.

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Right now, there is no way to limit what are the devices that we are sync’ing with Alexa. Once the connection is made, all devices are pushed to Alexa. The same is true for IFTTT and for Google Home.

It would be a (valid) feature requests that I would suggest you create a post in the corresponding area of the forum.


Hi there. Regarding my previous posts… do you know if we will be able to create a routine with a group of sensors to accomplish a task? In my case, I have a rule created using a few different apps where “If any contact sensor opens then an alarm is sounded on my echo devices”. I have to use smart things and IFTTT because currently alexa will only let me create a routine with individual sensors. Appreciate your input!

I doubt it, at least not in such a direct way. Amazon would need to update their Routine logic in order to enable this. It’s theoretically possible now, but you’d need a Wyze Plug, plugged into the wall doing nothing.

First, you’d need to make a rule in Wyze for each contact sensor that you want to sound an alarm, and tell it to turn the Wyze Plug on when the contact sensor is opened. You’d need as many rules as you have contact sensors

Then, you’d make a rule in Wyze to turn off the Wyze Plug after 5-10 seconds. (So that it’s ready to go next time a sensor is tripped)

Then, you’d make a Routine in Alexa that makes a sound each time the plug turns on.


I’m hoping for a Wyze Virtual Switch functionality in the app eventually. This would allow for interactions like this without needing to buy a dedicated Wyze Plug sitting in a wall doing nothing. Be sure to go there and vote for it if you’d like to see them add it.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized I already mentioned some of this in my last post in the thread. Well, it’s the #1 feature I’d like to see, (Virtual switch) so I try to get people on board any time I see a potential use case for it. :slight_smile: Haha

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Already voted as I agree this would be an excellent addition. Thanks for the walk through. I’ll pick up a plug. The less integration inception the better in my opinion. Cheers!


For me its in the Alexa App. Under, Routines, > Create New Routine (or use already made one), > Select: When This Happens, > Smart Home.

It seems the Motion Sensors and Door Sensors show up there. Perhaps they only added it for a short time and not many caught it in time if you aren’t seeing it. Either way it will eventually be there. Ive not had any issues yet.

Expect this to shake out eventually.

The last time I looked, Amazon requires a 50 millisecond response time.

Thanks. That’s what I thought but no joy for me :confused:

Working great for me! Glad this is finally implemented. Only thing left is to figure out how to interrupt a routine that’s been kicked off. For example, if the garage door is opened and is left open for 5 minutes, I want Alexa to announce the garage was left opened. However, if the garage door closes, no need to announce. Seems that Alexa won’t cancel a routine, even if the contact sensor status has changed

I had this working with the SmartThings workaround but wanted everything to be on Alexa routines because the response time is really quick for me (IFTTT would take up to 20 seconds to trigger the SmartThings API)

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I don’t think there is anyway Alexa routines can at this point.

I was hoping that we could use the motion sensor in cameras but they don’t seem be enabled. Is this a future/planned enhancement?

Why not just leave the Smart Things settings in place on top of the Alexa Routines for the specific task of letting you know its now closed?

But I agree. It would be nice to create Alexa routine cancels if something goes into effect.