Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Wanted to thank Wyze Dev team for this Alexa Routine Integration with Wyze Sense, this feature is huge and very useful for all of us, however it is taking forever to trigger Alexa routines. Please fix it.

The sense integration with alexa has not been officially launched by wyze, so you may have problems, play with them at your own risk

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To play around with this
I set up a couple of door sensors in Alexa to play a sound when the door opens, I found a red alert and siren sound available, I set both of them in actions , as soon as I open the door the sounds play , there is no delay so far.
With the sound on the echo dot set to 10 it will definitely wake your butt up if your door opens

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I dont seem to be having any problems yet. Using motion sensors to turn on lights in all my rooms. Bridge is connected to a camera I have set to restart every day at a set time.

Perhaps some of the issues people are having are related to the Amazon Echo Devices themselves. I’ve had issues in the past where they have done some odd things or had issues with apps. The solution was to Unregister that Echo device from my Amazon account. (Do a factory reset on that device if necessary after removing from account). Reboot the device. Then Reregister it to your Amazon Account. Its kind of annoying, I know. But if you did a factory reset too. Its clean up corrupt data and does usually fix odd issues.

Whether it will work for this problem is an unknown. People will have to test it and post here to let’s us know.

I think I need to do that to one of my dots because it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do

Not sure either. Integrate with guard is a nice to have … getting sense to integrate is a must have. They said it would be done before the end of the year. But no word. Just brought and installed a bunch of contact sensors so hope this in done very soon!

Wyze, can you share an update on the integration.

Wyze Sense integration with Alexa Routines may be official now. If you check the Wyze Skill in Alexa, it now says “What’s New: We have added your Motion and Contact Closures to Alexa. You can now use them to trigger Routines!”

I will ping Wyze folks about this and if correct, get an announcement put up in #news.


As of this morning my routines are working normally without delay.

Mine as well, but if it is like app notifications, I expect that there will be lags/delays and not always “instant”.

If I use alexa says, I believe I can only play on one device. So I would need to create 6 routines to cover all my devices. On the other hand announcements has that extra chime at the beginning. Jeez thought having a simple beep when someone opens the door wouldn’t be so complex.

Any other ideas?

Nope. Sounds like those are your options at this point. But that’s an Alexa limitation, not a Wyze one. The situation DOES seem to be slowly improving. They keep adding new things to routines, so we can all keep our fingers crossed.

Last night all my sensors routines started working with Alexa again. What a relief…

My wyze sensors show as individual devices but do not show as groups as do my wyze bulbs. I am trying to accomplish “If any contact sensor is opened then alexa turns on all wyze bulbs and sounds an alarm to all alexa devices”. I have this accomplished via individual contact sensors but is a pain to activate and deactivate each individual alexa routine! IFTTT has an option for “If any sensor opens” but the “Then” action cannot be an alexa routine (as of yet). Any ideas?

I’d like to do something similar, but think this is an alexa limitation.

I saw you were looking to sound an alarm on all devices. If you were to create a playlist with your desired alarm on a supported service (i.e. Spotify), or download to your device, you can accomplish this via speaker groups in the Alexa app . The desired song should state something similar to “My Security Alarm Playlist In The Everywhere Group”. Obviously replace “Security Alarm” with your playlist name and “Everywhere” with your group name.

I tried this using a beep sound effect as a playlist using by alexa group, but I was getting delayed messages saying “your stream is playing on another device” … that might have been related to delays that were happening. Also, if I had music playing on a device, it would mess it up. So I’m using announcements with the F word. This is working ok, but not great (can’t control volume and don’t like the double beep)

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I’m not sure if it’s official or not. I just know I woke up yesterday and it was available in the Alexa app saying I had new devices. It’s been working good so far.

If you’re wanting all of your Wyze sensors to show up and be selected as one device in routines in Alexa. That unfortunately is a limitation with Alexa not Wyze. Alexa app does have the ability to group lights and plugs to turn on as a Group. But as far as I can tell you cannot Group other devices.

This isn’t Wyze fault. You’ll have to put in a request with Amazon for them to add that as a feature to their app. For now you will have to create a routine for each individual sensor. That’s just how it is with the Alexa app. Individual routines for just about everything. I wish they would at times allow you to have one routine that encompassed and entire devices set of commands. But I get why they keep it separate. It’s probably easier for the novice user.

I will say that Alexa responds faster than IFTTT does. I have motion sensors that activate the lights within a second or so. IFTTT sometimes took as long as six seconds or so.

I figured it was an alexa limitation but wanted to see if anyone had any clever work arounds. IFTTT allows the “any sensor” option as an “If” but Alexa is not available as a “Then” trigger. Can never be easy!!

I placed a request into Amazon so fingers crossed. Thanks all.

Well I’ve come up with a solution, but it is a pain. I used sounds and created separate routine for each sensor and each device that I want to hear it from. So had to create 36 routines, but it plays very fast and now I have a separate sound for each door that opens. Let’s see if this drives the wife crazy.