Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Love it for the beta. And love it more because you are still working on this to make this happen.

I am just trying to have fun experimenting with this. Can you tell why the Alexa app suddenly stopped notifying me about new contact sensors or motion sensors that I am adding now to the Wyze bridge? It did pretty well 3 days ago when I added a bunch of sensors.

Thanks again for all the smart work!

Because it’s early beta , it might stop working, start working , screw things up or they may pull it completely , just don’t know , they are still working on it

This is GREAT news. I just about gave up and ordered another brand contact sensors. Can’t wait … any ETA?

Thank you for identifying that this is beta functionality. I am perfectly good playing Guinea pig as long as it isn’t being passed off as a production feature.
Is there, by chance, any documentation of how to implement/configure for those of us willing to play with it?

No because it’s not officially released beta even , no one is even supposed to know about yet, it’s just that someone stumbled upon it . the cat’s outa the bag now though :grin:
I’m looking forward to its release when they get it fixed up right, no idea when that may be just have to sit back and be patient.

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Will, here ya go , new information from the Wyze Team

I have Alexa routines working perfectly for Wyze Motion Sensor and Contact Sensor. This is EXACTLY what I was wanting! Thank you Wyze for listening and providing this integration. Excellent! Looking forward to the production switch being flipped.

Not to sound overly sensitive,but I didn’t stumble on the routine. I was going to make a completely different routine when I noticed that one of my sensors was listed under Smart Home. Out of curiosity I decide to see if I could get it to respond through my Echo. When it worked I was amazed but didn’t have a clue how to replicate it with another sensor. I spent a good one hour trying to discover devices to get them to appear in the Alexa app to no avail. I went to Google hoping to find the answer but nothing came up. I then remembered that the sensor that was listed had been re-installed yesterday. I then experimented with another sensor and after some trial and error got it to respond. Not having any way of knowing that it was a secret beta project I posted it in a string on Wyze’s Wish List of people requesting that Wyze would create this feature.

I get that, I’m sorry but , I was just quoting what you said , so there’s that :slightly_smiling_face:

That was the short version. I stumbled on my sensor being listed in Smart Homes and then went and created a routine from that. After that I had to research how to recreate the process and get it to work.
On a side note I am actually an Alexa skill developer with over 30 skills listed on Amazon.

I am sooo excited! Can’t wait for them to be released. I’ll def be buying a few more sense kits and another camera right away!

I hope this is added as well. I was really hoping to use the door and motion sensor connected to the Wyze camera to turn on lights and smart plugs or run other routines (Like Have Alexa Say something when the door is opened) Via Alexa routines.

It’s coming very soon. Scroll up a few posts and you’ll see others talking about it. I don’t know an exact ETA, but a few users (including me) are already using this. It was live for a few days before they disabled it. They’re still working out a few kinks. When the camera restarts, it triggers every sensor and they all default to “open,” for example. There might be some other issues, I’m not sure. But it’s certainly in development.

Any update on the release date? I am about to switch to another product since there is an Amazon black friday deal, but still want to check if it’s gonna be available like next week.

I doubt it’ll be next week. But who knows. With any luck it’ll be soon. I keep checking back hoping to gain more control over what the Wyze Sense Motion Sensors and Door Sensors can do once they become full Alexa compatible. Would make a great selling point for Christmas to have motion sensor and door open/close sensor support for Alexa.

I know I plan to buy more motion sensors and door sensors and even a second Camera to act as the sense bridge while watching my back patio. Currently I have my first camera watching my living room but I don’t leave it running all the time so I figure a second camera to put the Sense bridge on so my motion sensors and door sensor would be active 24/7.

Would be fun for the Motion sensor to Trigger Alexa to say something like, “You Feelin
Lucky Punk”. Good ole Home Alone movie reference taken to smart home levels. Especially if it was compatible before Christmas.

Don’t you mean “Keep the change and/or Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”?

“Do you feel lucky” is Dirty Harry. :slight_smile:

I may or may not own this garment…


I had this setup with another brands motion detector, but it kept triggering with lights turn on or another false positive trigger. With the Wyze contact sensor, it will only trigger with motion on door or windows … so much more likely to be a real intruder!

I had fun with my routine … when motion is sensed, the lights in the house will flash, volume increased to max and I had alexa say"intruder alert, intruder alert. Police have been notified. Leave the premises immediately. Owner has a gun (not really) and will use it in self defense "

Like to play the sound of a shotgun being cocked and guard dogs barking, but haven’t been able to figure that out.

Hopefully wyze will have this soon … i bought tons of contact sensors for my doors and windows

That’s almost exactly what I had done with another sensor before it died! That company went under and I couldn’t find another option at the time so I purchased the wyze sensor package to do the same thing and was very disappointed when I realized it wouldn’t work. As soon as the update comes out adding that kind of functionality I’ll be ordering several more sensors for sure.

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Unless you’re unplugging the camera from its power source, the bridge will continue working even when you have a “soft” off status.

Using Amazon Music, create a playlist with the sounds you want. Then have Alexa play that list.

I have my Wyze cam connected to a smart plug. This ensures its off when I want it to be all by having Alexa turn it on via a routine. Such as having it shut off momentarily if I get up in the middle of the night by activating my nightlight routine (which turns on and dims the lights and turns off the security camera for several minutes.) then restores them after so long. It also means my Alexa App turns on the plug its connected to when I leave the area via (geofencing). So that I know its on when I leave home.

I like disconnecting power to it because. I figure even if someone hacks the system. They cant see through the camera when I want my privacy. If its completely off, because it has no power.

Sure I could probably do that via the soft power off in the Wyze App and maybe a setting for the Camera in the Alexa App. But this Guarantees it off when I want it off. Besides I want to second camera looking out my back Window to watch my patio and so I can check the weather outside from bed it I so choose.

I know what some people are thinking. But if you’re using the Wyze cam on Wyze smart plugs they can gain access to that if theyve gotten access to your account. I thought of that too. Before I discovered I had bought a smart plug through a different company a year ago. That’s the one it’s on. So it’s connected to a different service. I know it sounds paranoid. I’m not a paranoid person. But I do understand information security and nothing is perfect. And while I like the idea of having a security camera watching my home. I also don’t like the idea of that same camera watching me while I’m home. So trying to have the best of both worlds.

And this is all highly unlikely that mine will ever be hacked. I’ve never had an issue with my accounts being hacked. But there’s always potential there. Or somebody hacking your home network and getting access to it through that. Since I live in an apartment complex.

By the way. I will definitely be buying more Wyze smart plugs. They are the same quality as the Amazon smart plugs for like 25% of the price. They are one of the few smart plugs that supports 15A. I use it to run my space heater to heat up my bedroom.

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