Alexa Person detection announcements with wyze cameras

I don’t have a good reason to do all that and set it up


Wyze cam motion triggers I’m getting are mostly from the wind, birds and bugs.
Alexa would drive me crazy all day and night announcing times on the 6 cams I have.

I like the new Alexa Person Detection announcement.
I turned my Wyze cam Motion detection sensitivity to zero (basically off) to reduce the false trips and relay on PD.

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In my pole barn I have motion detection on, but notifications turned off, I get a lot of bug clips from there.
I do have the person detection announcement turned on for that camera
late last night I got an announcement person detected in pole barn, I say what the hell .
That’s the first time that has happened but it was just a flying bug

You do have LED lights turned off, yes? I highly recommend it. Bug detections down to zero for me. If the place is pitch black I would consider a nightlight to provide enough ambient light for the night vision mode to use.

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Wow … that scary ! Lol
So far I do get bug detection vids but no false PD Alexa announcement … Yet, knock on wood.

Hum but the only difference with our settings is that I turn the cams motion sensitivity to zero./off.

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I think one super helpful reason to get announcements setup with Alexa is to receive a verbal warning that your garage door has been left opened for too long. Like so:

I saw and started trying this it a couple days ago, and also noticed that it says that Alexa will feed it to the fire stick as well. I have yet to see that happen on mine. I have received the announcements on my echos but never on the fire stick.

Anyone see or have that working?

Do they have checkmarks when you click under Announcement Devices?

Yes. I have 2 devices and one being my newer fire stick. Both are checked and the other device works fine.


At this point mine says, “Error, this device is not currently supported.”.
I am assuming this is related to being in Canada.

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Until Wyze makes cameras available as a trigger for Alexa, one way to achieve this is to use this process. Works flawlessly. How to Use Wyze Cameras to Trigger an Alexa Routine

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I’m reading that now but I’m not interested in just motion detection.

This statement from the article isn’t correct according to what WYZE has posted in the forum.

The reason why some non-subscribers still have access to this feature is because they have opted to use it during the beta phase and Wyze is granting them usage for free until the end of 2020.

WYZE hasn’t said anything about the end of 2020. They have said that prople who had accounts set up before Nov. 2019 will have the option of “naming the price” for Person Detection.


Alexa itself barely holds together with anything resembling consistency. As cute as that hack is, requiring accounts and setups and cloud connections and skills installed for all of these things to get “flawless” (okay sure) results seems a bit much.

  1. Wyze app, Wyze account in good standing. Wyze Alexa skill enabled. Wyze camera available. Wyze servers online and functional.

  2. Amazon Alexa app. Amazon account in good standing. Echo device available. Amazon servers online and functional.

  3. IfThisThenThat account in good standing. IfThisThenThat Alexa skill enabled. IfThisThenThat servers online and functional.

  4. VoiceMonkey account in good standing. VoiceMonkey single signon linked to Amazon account. VoiceMonkey Alexa skill enabled. VoiceMonkey servers online and functional.

  5. Wyze IFTTT skill enabled and functional within IfThisThenThat.

  6. Webhooks IFTTT skill enabled and functional within IfThisThenThat.

The person announcements and routines between Alexa and Wyze are working fine for lots of us. I can get faster notifications just by unboxing my Wyze motion sensor. I don’t think stringing together anything trivial, let alone something important, using that mix of hackery, no matter how flawless, is for me. I like to be able to count the single points of failure on one or two hands max. :slight_smile:

There is no way anything is flawless using IFTTT. :slight_smile:


Is this supposed to work with the Person Detection Pilot?

Decided to look into the recent announcement (

And noticed that I can never choose a Wyze Cam as a trigger it always says “Error: This device is not currently supported”. I have the latest version of the iOS app, latest Wyze Cam V2 Firmware and pay for Cam Plus. I am located in Canada

Did you tell Alexa to discover devices as detailed at the beginning of this thread?

Devices were already discovered, i have removed and re-discovered. The issue does is not the lack of the devices but rather the error when i select them as a trigger

I don’t have another suggestion. It works for me. :frowning:

Did you disable then re enable the wyze skill in Alexa?