Alexa not working on firetv

I have wyze cam v2 and echo dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player. When I say Alexa show me Wise1, Alexa says OK, the screen displays "Waiting for Wyze Camera with 3 blue dots, then after a variable length of time the firetv quietly returns to previous screen.

I tried deleting Wise1 from the Alexa app and rediscovering it - same result. :frowning:



The Wyze skill temporarily does not work with Fire Stick TV and Fire TV Gen 1 & 2. We expect them to work starting in August once Amazon updates their Fire OS to the latest version

Thank you for the update… Finally!

Fire Stick OS updated in past hour and Alexa is showing Wyzecam.

I have Fire TV Stick, and I can’t get mine to work either. I just get the Wyse screen with 3 … showing and then 10 seconds later it goes back to my home screen. I have 2 cameras and both are up to date and my Fire TV Stick info is:
Software Version
Fire OS

Fire TV Home Version

On my Fire TV Stick it states it is running the latest version of software and it update to that on 6/14/2018.

I am completely lost! Please help!


Runs on my stick, which updated to a few weeks ago. Go to settings, device, about and check for system update.

Thanks for the reply Mike. I have done that over and over again, disconnected the Stick and unplugged for 1 full day and plugged back in and still no luck. What’s up with Amazon? Grrrr…

Since I also run TinyCam, I found it to be eating up the 5g of RAM on the stick, preventing updates. Clearing the TinyCam recordings archive and cache cleared up more than 4G.

Are you sure? Amazon says the current, latest Fire TV OS for the stick is Fire OS (617513020).

Take a look at this link for your device: Fire TV Device Software Updates
Scroll down to see your device.

Wyze will only work with the latest version and Amazon is slower than molasses in January in distributing their updates, and there is no way to force an update. You get the update when Amazon damn well feels like it, so there. I am one of many waiting for the update

Fire Stick Software at, sure as I am sitting here. And I am not in beta. Have enough storage free, and use settings-Device-About-Check for System Update.

This issue is something with power. If you are powering your FireTV with an USB connector from your TV it will have issues connecting (at least mine did). Once you plug the FireTV in to dedicated power it will work like a charm.

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In not seeing any new posts since August, but it started working on BOTH my Fire TVs about a week ago. Right after an update from Amazon!

Both of mine finally started working on 8/31 when Amazon finally updated my Fire TV Sticks. Thanks for all the replies!

Now for the ten minute limit!

Ok I have a Gen 2 firestick but when i go to check software version i get, I check for updates and it says updated? It should be right?

My FireTV 2 stuck on still waiting on the in mid September. Pathetic.


Wonder why some have the update and others don’t.

Where are you checking for the Fire TV software version? In the Alexa app, I’m not seeing any numbers in that format. Mine shows a nine digit number, without periods.

On mine I go to Device, click on About, then you will see Fire TV Stick with all the info to the left. You can scroll to the bottom and check for System Update. Mine is still

I found my issue w Fire stick and Wyze v2 not working… my alexa app was on a different acct from my firestick. so when i discovered devices w wyze skill i was on a diff acct…thus the fire stick said no new devices. moved app to same acct as fire stick and renamed cam to ‘downstairs cam’ now it loads the cam fine on the firstock on the tv. there is about a 3-4 sec delay but looks good! Be sure you load/enable/link the wyze skill on the alexa app or it will not find the cams.