Alexa live view not working with V3

So any time I ask Alexa to show the feed on my TV it works for about half a second then the screen goes blank. Through hours of troubleshooting I have determined that while the screen is black, if I log into amazon alexa android app and view the live feed there, the feed comes back on the TV. It seems to work fine as long as I have the app open on my phone as well. Needless to say this is not an acceptable solution. I have updated firmware, Powered off, Disconnected the device, Disabled the skill, and restarted the setup from scratch many times.

I’m having an issue with the new wyze outdoor cam. Got the echo show right after. It worked for a few days but will not show that cam anymore. No matter what I do. The camera’s enabled in the Alexa app. I’ve rebooted everything. Still won’t work. My 2 pan cam v1 work flawlessly with the echo show tho.

Exact same issue with v3 on my Samsung tv. Works for half a second and goes on phone and it stays on tv. I also have Wyze outdoor camera and Alexa app says live view is not supported but it actually works on tv perfectly.


No others with this issue? I cannot figure out how to fix it. I got the echo soley to use with this. I had bought the video doorbell but this house I just moved into 6 months ago has a wiring issue with the doorbell. I looked at it and will take way too much to sort. Not sure if mice chewed through the line somewhere. I can’t even return the echo show now…
Oy Vey!!!

Mine is a Samsung TV as well. A QA70. Hope they find a fix for us

Is it the same issue as us where if you look at the live feed on the Wyze app then it suddenly works in Alexa?

Really? Lemme try and report back…

Tried…no difference. Still saying ‘not responding’ even though it has discovered the cam .

Anyone find a fix ?