Alexa, is the Garage Door open? (IFTTT, API with Wyze Sense)

I love my Wyze cameras and now my Wyze Sense. After Installing my brand new contact sensors, I went to check if the Alexa skill will discover them. Sadly they were not there. This is when I went down the rabbit hole of creating a “solution”. I’m going to describe two methods I created to allow Alexa to know whether my garage door is open or closed. Yeah, yeah, I know I can open my app and check, but with Alexa and Google home I can always be lazier right :wink:

For both methods, I developed my own Alexa Smart Home Skill (there is plenty of documentation if you are a dev, but if requested I can create a guide later). The skill is not published so its only available for my personal Amazon Echos.

1.- IFTTT. The first method was to create a IFTTT recipe that will update a DynamoDB record for each of my sensors. The recipe is very simple. “If Any Contact Sensor closes/opens, then Make a web request” aka webhook. I created a nodejs Lambda that receives the events and logs the state on the DB. Now I can query the remote DB to know if the garage door is open.

2.- API. Doing some app traffic sniffing plus finding the previous work of, I was able to create a simple mobile API wrapper for node Now instead of relying on IFTTT to update my DynamoDB, I can directly ask the API for the status of my garage door! Also with this method I can dynamically add/remove sensors for Alexa to discover.

Finally here is the Lambda node.js code I’m using to power my Smart Home Skill:

*Note that, I’m a developer and if you are trying to do something similar, you will need to dive in into code :slight_smile: but, don’t be afraid! Sometimes it is through passion projects that we learn to do new things.

**There are still some hurdles with the mobile API. Since understandably was not created as a supported public API. Hopefully our favorite Wyze team can create a proper public API! After all they are halfway there!


Wow deff wish I could understand this🤷‍♀️

This is awesome! It would definitely be helpful if you could create a guide for actually setting up the skill

I do hope this gets integrated into the official Wyze skill soon

They should make a full smart garage door opener
I have a meross but would love to have all one company

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Hopefully you wouldn’t mind putting up a quick guide in setting this up.

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I’d love to know how to do this as well. Might as well put Alexa to work.

Silly me. I just mounted a v.2 Camera inside my garage. Problem solved, and then some.