Alexa integration - 10 minute limit



So the integration with Amazon Alexa is interesting (in spite of the connection issues). But what is the reason for the ten minute limit? I can’t make sense of that.


Good question I would like to know also


Does anybody from Wyzecam monitor these forums? Why do I have to keep reconnecting my Fire tablet every ten minutes? It greatly reduces the advantage of having Alexa integration, imo.


I suppose the silence answers the monitoring question. ?


I would love to figure out how to turn off the 10 min limit. I’m trying to use a WYZE cam and an Echo Spot as a baby monitor


As would we all. But a better option for you might be the app called “TinyCam Pro”. It’s $3.99, and runs on Android, Amazon tablets, Fire TV, and probably iOS.

It has a baby monitor mode that lets you watch without sound, until a threshold is reached, at which point sound is turned on. You set the threshold yourself. So you can run it at night and not wake up unless your baby cries, for example.

Search YouTube for set up instructions.


Unfortunately, it does not run on iOS