Alexa Commands



So far all I have seen are commands to display a live feed on an Echo device. Is there a way to a way to turn off and on cameras by voice?



Right now that’s all it does , is display a live feed on an Echo device screen or your bigass TV?

How to use commands:

Once your camera is connected to your Amazon device, you can use the following voice commands to view and hide the camera’s livestream.

Say any of the following to view your camera’s livestream:

“Alexa, show me [camera name]”
“Alexa, show my [camera name]”
“Alexa, show the [camera name]”
“Alexa, show [camera name]”
Say either of the following to stop viewing your camera’s livestream:

“Alexa, stop”
“Alexa, go home”
Keep in mind:

The Wyze skill only works with Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan.
The Wyze skill only works on Amazon devices that have a screen and can display video. The skill won’t work on any devices that don’t have video capabilities, such as an Amazon Echo.
The Wyze skill works with all cameras that are connected to your Wyze account, including cameras shared by other Wyze users.
The Wyze skill does not support 2-Way Audio or pan/tilt/zoom capabilities.
The camera’s livestream will be displayed on your Amazon device for 10 minutes before it automatically stops. To continue streaming, repeat the voice command.
Assign your camera an easily pronounceable name, such as “Garage” or “Living Room.”
If your camera is turned off, Alexa won’t be able to access the livestream. You’ll need to open the Wyze app on your phone and turn on your camera before giving a voice command to Alexa.
If you rename your camera in the Wyze app after you set it up with Alexa, you will need to have Alexa re-discover your camera through the Alexa app in order for the new name to work with Alexa. See step 4 of “How to connect Amazon Alexa to your camera” above.


My devices show connected. I tell Alexa to show me back yard. It says connecting to Wyze camera with an ellipsis moving, then goes back to the Fire TV home screen. I double-checked to make sure cams are on the same network, they are, and they easily display on my iphone 7. I have the brand new software update according to Wyze, and I have all new latest generation cameras (3). Any thoughts?


I don’t know, only idea I have is, try restarting your router