Alexa as a door chime/ alarm for wyze sense?


Is there a way to use Alexa as a door chime/ Alarm? Like when a door opens it can have a chime or “back door open” Or if you have it set to bedtime or night mode., And a door opens Have it make an alarm sound? That needs to be a customizable skill In the future for sure.


A search in #wishlist produced this:

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I would also love this skill!! I’ve been trying to see if Alexa could act like an alarm system. Even tell Alexa “Alexa, I’m leaving…” or “Alexa, arm the alarm” or “Alexa, disarm code 1234”. This could put you in the market with the DIY security systems like SimpliSafe.

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Even if they can’t get it working like that as of now. With the sense it would be cool if Alexa could sound an alarm if a door or window is opened at night if programmed to do so. Or even if we manually had to do it. It’s something.


I would love to see the door chime integration. I have this on my Z-wave door sensors and a Z-wave speaker. If I have time I will have to look at the Alexa API for announcements and see if I can play a sound.

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