Alexa 2 way audio for wyze camera

Hi there,

I can do the 2 way audio talk using my iphone’s wyze app. So the setup and the speaker/mic in the camera is working well.
But when I connect using alexa in echo show 8, it only bring up the video but the audio is one way. (only from camera to echo show 8 but not from echo show 8 to the camera.

Any help?


Welcome to the forums! Looks like pulling up the live stream (audio and video from camera) is the only thing that can be done on the Shows and talking back to the camera is not a funtion at this time. I can quadruple check when I get home in a few hours but everything I can find now does not list that as an option.

The phone app works. So should be whether Alexa skill supports it or not

It’s not an option on Alexa or Google Home.