Alert videos saved in android photo gallery



can anyone tell me why the alert videos are saved in my android photo gallery, can I change this???


I’d like to be able to disable this feature as well. It appears that a tumbnail of every alert is being saved to my photo gallery.


Yes that’s what mine is doing, I haven’t found a setting to disable it but sure wish someone finds a way to disable it, it pisses it me off…


Hey there did u ever find a way to stop the alerts being saved in android photo album ??? Thank you


I like the fact that my video are in my gallery. When I get over 1000 clips I keep the ones I like and delete the rest. Unfortunately, since Wyze last update of 9/18/18, I am unable to view any 12 second clips on my phone and no one has a solution to the problem.


I was wondering why all my clips are blank/zero/zilch/nada. Glad you posted that you have an issue as well so I can stop searching



I would also like to know this. If there is a micro SD card in the Wyze Cam, why is there a need to save videos on the phone’s memory?