Alert Schedule for Weekdays and Weekends




I see an option to set the Alert Schedule available on IOS release which can be set for a period of day; however i prefer to adjust the alert across each day depending on our availability at home. Since the app is lacking this feature, i am getting a lot of un-necessary alerts and am afraid if the trend continues, I might lose sight of something which might really be an issue.

Also Is there a way to do “Geo-Fencing” which can enable monitoring based on my location of the device and activate the alerts instantly when i am out by a mile from my home?

Can the camera be customized for Digital Zooming on Number plate or people face for a second or two when a car or people is approaching the Driveway or entering the house?






IFTTT integration is on the (near term) road map. That should provide folks with a way to do (indirect) geofencing.


I also prefer to adjust the alert across each day depending on our availability at home. Even our old digital thermostats can do this. Please add multiple schedule option by days/hours to the app.


I love my wyzecam, bought several more, and even some as gifts. I have already sent emails out showing the new pan/tilt wyzecam too, great looking product!! But I have to say I need the ability to change my alerts on weekends vs weekdays. I get alerts several times a day on weekends when I’m home, because the schedule is set to watch the living room during the day (because I’m normally at work). Please update the scheduler. Much appreciated!


I too would like to have that flexibility (weekdays vs weekend)



Change your schedule as needed


Please add the ability to set a different alert/notification schedule on weekdays and weekends.


I’ve been told that this is going to be implemented. I don’t have a timeframe yet. In the mean time, you can accomplish this to most degree using the IFTTT integration.


IFTTT works! I’ve been using it for several weeks now. I use 3 of the IFTTT “functions”.

  1. On [days of week] at [time], then [disable/enable] motion detection. I set up several of these to cover different days/times to disable/enable my cam.
  2. On [days of week] at [sunset/sunrise], then [disable/enable] motion detection. Good for outdoor situations.
  3. Using Google Assistant, on [voice command phrase], then [disable/enable] motion detection. This saves me the trouble of fumbling through my wyzecam app when I need to turn the cam on or off on the fly.
These functions can be set up either on your computer or on your IFTTT app (I use android, but I'm sure iOS works fine too). Pros & Cons: Flexible scheduling and easy to use, but yet another piece of software that knows your user data. Oh well...


Would love to see this as well. I don’t think it would take much to impliment.