Alert on ABSENCE of motion or sound

I operate some machines that run unattended 24/7 and sometimes break and stop doing their thing. When that happens I dont know till the next morning when I am there in person. If I had a Wyze cam watching the machine running, I could of course log into the app and check every few hours to make sure it is still running well, but it would be nice to get a push notification if there was nothing moving in the frame which would mean the machine broke down, a belt broke, and the wheels stopped turning, etc.

So in essence, reverse motion detection, or the detection of no motion. I am not sure how this would be achieved or coded, but the Wyze team is a crafty bunch, and I hope there is a way to do what I need. The machines make noise, so if there was a push notification when it is quiet instead of the normally loud, that would work as well.

As another example in case I am not being clear above, imagine having a small wind turbine in your back yard to make electricity. I would want to know if the turning blades stop turning or something breaks on the turbine, and watching a live camera feed 24/7 takes a lot of effort, getting a notification when the blade stops turning would be very handy.

I realize this is a wacky request, bare with me!

I think what you’re looking for is very clear. Not sure how widespread its usefulness might be, but we’ll see how many votes it gets.

In the mean time, if you set up motion detection with push notifications, you should get a notification about every five minutes. If the notifications stop, then motion stopped. (Although this is not the affirmative notification you’re looking for.)

You might also be able to come up with some clever way to use IFTTT to accomplish this. Using the Wyze motion detected IFTTT trigger, make the THEN action set some kind of timer for 7 or 8 minutes. When the next motion detection occurs (in five minutes), it sets the timer again, restarting it. So as long as detections continue to occur, the timer never goes off. If a motion detection is missed, the timer would complete and notify you.

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If the power usage declines significantly when the machines stop working then you might be able to use a smart energy monitoring plug. I use such a plug to monitor video game console usage and to receive notifications when it is turned on or off. I do this through Smartthings. However, the Wemo Insight plug might be able to send such notifications without needing a hub.

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Any way to alert on the absence of sound, or sound dropping below a certain volume? I’m using Wyze Cam to monitor my 3D printer, mainly so I can check if anything goes wrong. But it would also be cool to get an alert when the print job is done and the printer goes quiet. I’m open to using IFTTT to accomplish this.

Might be handy for a kid-cam too… show what’s happening when the kids get TOO quiet…

With the Wyze Sense motion sensor, you’ll be able to receive alerts for a lack of motion. :slight_smile:


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