Album in wyze app is missing all recordings and photos

I’m using an iPad and all the videos are gone then the App closes. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Have allowed access to all photos but still not working.

I’m using iOS 15.6 and WYZE app. 2.33.0 (17) and my albums show all the videos on my iPhone, I’ll check the iPad.

This is the Album as shown on iPad. It list the videos but if you tap play it just gives a black screen.

This is the is the album as shown on iPhone, it works ???

Yes that’s what has always been there. Just updated to iOS 15.6
The album has a “No videos in album” message then the app crashes

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Could you guys get an app log in account > Wyze support. Paste the number here. Thanks!

Have you tried to restart your iPhone or iPad since you updated the OS?

I have to manually put the videos in the Wyze album.

@Omgitstony Yes both the phone and iPad have been restarted many times since update of iOS and app.
If I open the photo album on the iPhone and the iPad it shows the videos I have downloaded from WYZE and they will play.

The issue for me is if I tap the Album icon on the V3 app using the iPad it shows the list of videos, no thumbnail photo and will not play. Works on iPhone.