Airbnb Integration for Wyze Lock

Not sure how many people this would apply to but I would love it if the Wyze Lock got Airbnb integration like how it works with the August lock system. Super easy and automated key generation for each guest for the exact time of their reservation (and auto-emails guest their unique code). This is the only thing keeping me on the August lock train on my Airbnb.

This would be great! And add thousands if customers.

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Absolutely agree, I currently use August lock on my Airbnb and VRBO locations and these integrations in place. Guests are given an automatic code for the period of time they are staying and it deletes after check out. It’s pretty great, super handy, and this would drive business to Wyze lock

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Yep would love to see this from Wyze. I would buy their lock in a heartbeat if they had this integration!