Air Purifiers Going Offline Every Day

I’m on the beta software, and my air purifies are constantly going offline after the latest update. They show online on my router (Eero Mesh), but in the Wyze app they are offline. I can get them back online by unplugging them and then plugging them back in, but it only solves the problem for maybe a day. I did this last night before bed, and this morning they’re offline again.

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with them. Any ideas?

Sorry to hear that, mine seem to be functioning fine, will need to check now.

Can you provide the version number of your app and Air purifier?

My Android App version is:
My Air Purifier version is: 1.0.6 with the Plugin Version

App: 2.32.0 (154) - Android
Purifiers: 1.0.6 with plug in

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ok – will check mine and see


Been checking all day and have not had any issues with mine so far. Have you cleared your Cache from the App, lsign-out of the app and then Long Press the App choose App info and force Stop followed by clearing the cache from Storage and Cache? (DO NOT DO STORAGE).

If you do this make sure you have your password and 2FA information.


Yep, I’ve done that. I’m just at a loss. I’ll contact support in the next couple of days

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Have you restarted your Router, just curious? As you know, sometimes doing that helps out.