Air purifier: Formaldehyde filter: non-neutral smell after a few hours of use

  • I bought two of the air purifiers with the formaldehyde filters. Each one, having run in different areas of my house, seem to emit a non-neutral smell consistently now.

  • When I first got them, the filters seemed to have sort of the new-factory smell and I attributed it to the fact that they needed to air out or something. However, now that I’ve been using both constantly, regardless of fan speed, they emit some non-neutral smell when I run them.

  • I really can’t articulate what the smell is, either – something like a factory plastic mixed with a chemical or something - not necessarily horrible smelling, just a little ‘off’ in some way. Enough that my family noticed.

  • I got the 2nd air purifier a week later, ran it in a different section of the house, and the smell became the same as the first purifier, so I don’t think the smell is due to something in the local area being filtered.

  • If I just run the purifier with the fan and the filter removed, it smells like the rest of the air in the room (so I don’t think it’s the motor or chassis adding to a smell).

  • Our home doesn’t have any smoking done in it and humidity levels are in the 40% range.

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Same thing happens to me with this filter. I returned it. I wanted to just return the filter by Wyze said the whole unit had to be returned. I did the same thing you did, running the purifier without the filter and no smell so I knew it was the filter.

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