AI Keeps Tagging Video's as a Vehicle

Yet, common sense would tell you that it should only look at the detection zone. What’s the point of setting up a detection zone if it’s going to look at the whole area? If there is a point, then please educate me.

Not impressed. And I say this because Wyze makes great promotional videos, but their products are loaded with software bugs, and instead of fixing them they create new products that also have bugs.

So, I get how the detection works. so how do i shut off vehicle detection? There used to be a place where you could turn on off the different detection settings, like people, pet, vehicle, and such. but I can not seem to find that now. Would be nice to be able to shut off these items separately until they get this working the way they lead you to believe it works. and the way it should work.

Choose your cam/setting/Event recording/CamPlus AI detection


Thanks so much for that, hopefully it will keep down the number of notifications I keep getting.

I understand the imperfections of AI. After all, if it were perfect we’d all have selfdriving cars by now. I’m not impatient, but the one thing that would be most helpful would be the ability to ignore wind-blown leaves and branches. Distinguishing moving from non-moving vehicles would be nice, too. I’ve noticed “package” is only occasionally accurate, identifying anything rectangular, including a street repair patch in the middle of the road. Maybe it could look for an Amazon or UPS logo… :slight_smile:
Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the dependability and reasonable cost of myy 4 cameras,

It doesn’t change the number of notifications at all. All it does is label them as Motion. It would be nice if we could toggle off motion notifications related to any of the labels.

Too bad the AI wasn’t taught to distinguish between a moving vehicle and one that is parked.

It would be nice if it would only notify me if the object has moved, such as vehicle, person, pet, package. I don’t really understand y if a tree branch, bug, or whatever moves it has to be tagged as a vehicle, if there is one in the view. To me the term detechtion means that that tagged object has moved. That’s the idea behind me getting cam plus. I have regular motion notifications shut off, and only have AI notifications turned on. So I should only get those, instead I get any movement tagged as a vehicle. Wish they would have explained how it works better. And I hope they get it to work the way most assume it should.

IT does cut down on the notifications, as long as you are notifying on AI and not All Motion.

I have a number of Camera’s set to AI only in area’s where there is a lot of activity. On my Porch, I set it to both AI and Motion as I want to be alerted if someone or something is on my porch.

Since setting it this way, the number of notifications has decreased.

Agreed, they are currently working on that.

You said you set yours to both AI and Motion and your number of notifications has decreased? It would actually increase your notifications.

No, I was saying by changing my other camera’s to AI only and leaving my Porch Camera to AI and Motion, I have seen a marked decrease in Alerts.

In the past, especially when I did not have Cam Plus, I was getting a ton or Notifications, trees, bugs, etc. Now I only get notifications of Pets, People, and Packages (on a couple of camera’s).


Ah, my mistake.

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Okay so after changing one camera to AI only I got zero notifications, not even for things that the AI should have seen and I wanted it to see. I’m missing something in the settings, Wyze could have made it easier.

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