AI Detection

I’m hoping someone can help me with this.

What is going in with your AI detection?
Vehicles passing in front of my house 100 feet away no problem.

People coming to my front door. Nothing!
I get tons of alerts for cars passing by but, nothing entering my drive way.

I just walked up to my front door from the street and nothing. If I leave to go to the street, no problem. The event is captured.

What is the issue here?

I have done a full reset, the firm ware is up to date. In the events I have selected people and packages. And, still nothing.

I would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your response.

Rick Allen
Theme Park Design Director

Rick, Welcome to the User Community Forum!

From my experience with my 10 Cam V3, Cam placement is just as important as the Cam settings.

I have cams also facing the street. They will tag people as people, but vehicles are regularly tagged as pets or people…vehicle detection is off.

In order to determine what is going wrong with yours when it doesn’t AI tag motion, you will first have to determine if a) it never motion activated in the first place, or b) the AI object within the recorded video wasn’t tagged.

When this happens with your cams, if there is a motion only Event video produced in the Events tab, then the motion activation of the cam was working properly, the video was sent to the cloud for AI interrogation, but the AI was never tagged. In this case 1) share the video w/ Wyze and retag it so they can use it to “learn” the AI, and 2) consider repositioning the Cam.

If there is no Motion Event Video at all, then the cam never picked up the motion in the first place and never recorded any video to the cloud. If the cam is not activating, the sensitivity settings may need to be adjusted as well as the detection zone if there is one set. Again, Cam position is important. The more image contrast moving side to side, the better chance of the cam activating.

I have found that my Cams are much more accurate at motion activating and AI tagging when they are at a height about the same as what they are pointed at and with motion moving across the field of view from side to side (think profile shots). My cams are next to useless at AI tagging when they are mounted at heights looking down and when motion is coming toward or away from the cam. The slower the object, the lower the accuracy.

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