After seeing so many complaints, my thoughts on Wyze

Exactly … be a Google / Alexa fan boy and you’ll be 1/2 happy at least but if you prefer Apple HomeKit and now Secure video as well your out of luck.

Wasted money, wasted hope for years as there has been ZERO movement towards Apple integration / support.

Not camera v1 - had 10 gave them away upgrade to “better” versions still without iOS
Not v2 - 7 in use
Nor V3 -6 in use
ummm or WCO which I bought 2 of.

The software is woefully outdated, clunky, and hopelessly limited and requires a complete rewrite to get up to the expectations that over 1/2 the user base desires.

HomeKit support NOW or you’ll see many more defections !!!

Exactly and HomeKit support would lessen the frustration as we awaited updates to improve performance. But with NO HOPE for addressing the number one feature 1/2 the user base wants “Apple Support” … defections are increasing rapidly.

I was using Android 7.1 at the time.

Thats it. when you shift to the newer version. you will see the delay. You can run the ADB command and it will speed it up again.

Highly recommend TinyCam Pro for viewing your Wyze cameras. I very rarely use the app for live viewing because I can’t see all 14 of my feeds at once.

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And the other half just don’t care, and that’s apparently just fine with Wyze. I’m not an Android fan boy (my phone is android, my tablet is an iPad), but I also don’t drink the Apple kool-aid. HomeKit support or lack thereof, doesn’t matter to me, since I don’t use it.
Seriously, if Wyze doesn’t do what you want, why not just move along to something that does?

WYZE has not been forthright at all when it comes to their desires to satisfy the needs of HomeKit devotees.

They hint around at “possibilities” but after an incredible year of many new hardware products we are still wasting money on devices that are not compatible.

Alexa is not so bad as Google but lacks so much in privacy and security etc that it’s not an option.

I and nany others are DONE hoping against all hope that they bite the bullet add the far more consumer safety HomeKit Secure Video and other hardware changes needed.

Yesterday I canceled 3 orders for door bell cam, watch, and home security set up.

Today I ordered 2 Eufy 2K indoor and 1 of their 2K PTZ indoor cams for barely over $100.00 which is DEFINITELY within the same margins as WYZE with their inferior hardware and features.

I am sorry as I was arguably one of the biggest fan boys of WYZE for nearly 2 years despite this huge lack of support for my all in Apple house.

My home, brother, two sisters, father, village offices, local furniture store and on and on all use 100% solely because I introduced them to WYZE with an enthusiastic endorsement.

The wait has been hard and it’s over now for “us” as we are in mass migrating to companies that serve our needs.

I’m also sorry for the hodgepodge mess some make by mixing services and assistants etc.

Android only isn’t an option

Great emulator for android but again only an anchor for HomeKit users

I’m all in with Google, Android and Hubitat only because of the available options with hardware and software integrations. Apple’s HomeKit works really well but is expensive and limited. I have way to many speakers, displays, sensors, switches and cameras. I would need another job to fund HomeKit capable products and although they work well, I have a hard time justifying their limitations and cost. Wyze, Zwave and Zigbee products are very inexpensive and I have found that redundancy with multiple products that are fairly reliable is a significantly more effective formula than an expensive single point of failure. It also allows me to try new things. Ex. Nest>Foscam>Blink>Yi>Wyze has been my progression of cameras and I would rather have 10 Wyze v3 than a single outdoor Nest camera but I have not experienced that many issues with my Wyze cams so I can’t really complain but can understand the frustration with those of you that have. My only complaint so far is the poor streaming to my Google Hub displays.

I agree and share your sentiments historically however you stated “If I ever feel as if they have left well enough alone and the passion fades, then I find the next group that is eager.”

I have found Many companies that are focused on software updates that matter, and adding features that make using the hardware more productive. These “other companies” are increasingly adding HomeKit support as are ALL televisions etc.

The old way of claiming the cost of HomeKit support as an excuse is not working any longer as I purchased 2 smart plugs for cents above $7 each today with no hub and full Apple HomeKit integration.

WYZE is making a proactive and divisively concerted decision to NOT support Apple users.

There is NO legitimate cost prohibitive excuse any longer so we are beginning to see a dumping of the inferior products and companies for those willing to make what people want.

I don’t rely on them for primary but I do expect them to work. And if they don’t work, I expect satisfaction from customer service. I bought two CamPan cameras and right out of the box, one would not record. At all. So, to me, that’s legit whining and moaning.

I don’t mean this to be any flack to you, just pointing out that some of the complaints are legit. Even for $30 cameras.

True but when they tell you something will have a feature and that feature does not work, then that is wrong. Like the 15 minute delayed notifications with android.
But, don’t get me wrong, I like wyze and I have more stuff that you, and I will buy more, but I will check these forums out to be sure the stuff works as advertised before I buy.

Very well said bob fireman

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I 1,000% agree with this post! I have 5 V2’s (1 outside under an awning and drain spout) and they pull up quicker than my Ring products most of the time…I’m super impressed! Especially with the V2 outside! I wasn’t sure it would make it through East Coast Winters but it has really exceeded my expectations! Bravo Wyze :clap: Keep up the good work!

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Man you and I are like twins with number and type of devices we are using including ring and wyze. I agree with every single word you wrote. And I kind of stop being active on the forum because I’m annoyed what people are expecting from $20 cameras. Just few short years ago these would be $200 a pop with less features. I agree that people really need to check their expectations. Wyze got some issues here and there but for the price the are 5 out of 5 stars. I find it amazing what this little startup has achieved in few short years.

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I like wyze stuff too, I probably have a lot more than you. I even have more on pre order but come on,… they sell a security device that is supposed to tell you that a door has been open or someone has walked by a camera and it takes 15 minutes to get notified because you have an Android Device. Regardless of the cost, that is now OK.

I also have a bunch of Wyze products. The Wyze Sense has been working great for me – virtual instantaneous notifications when a door is open or motion is sensed. My Camera’s have been alerting me within 10 seconds, I am also an Android user. Yes, I did the ADB command to correct the Doze mode. I am doing this until Wyze takes into account the newer notification process introduced on Android devices. Yes there are some issues, I don’t get notified 100% of the time from all camera’s, even when the video shows up in the events tab or Alexa indicates a person was seen on my driveway. However, I was not notified 100% of the time from my Arlo’s or Eufy Camera’s either. So running the ADB command and getting notified within 10 seconds is acceptable to me for now. I would like to be notified immediately, but at times it notified me before my Eufy does. So things are getting better.

I also integrated Alexa to announce when a person is detected, which covers the notifications which are not received, and have my Show display the video automatically. This works great and when the video starts, I can see someone walking by my driveway.

For me, I find that Wyze is getting better and am happy with the products. As stated, yes there are some problems, but, in my opinion and experience, it is similar to that of the Eufy or Arlo Camera’s. Eufy is, on average, faster to notify, but it is local processing and not cloud based.

Everyone has their own opinions which makes all of this interesting.

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I too have had mostly great experiences with Wyze products. The primary exception is the Wyze Robot Vacuum which is unable to complete two cleanings in a row. It loses the map pretty much every time.

Beyond the vac, all my outlets, bulbs, cameras, contact sensors, timers work 99% of the time. I’ve had occasional SD card drops, camera resets, but they are the exception rather than the norm. I have 3 separate locations and many outdoor installations.