After Power Outage Smart Bulbs Turn On And Stay On

Is there a solution to prevent the Wyze bulbs from turning on after a power failure? Just experienced this issue today.


My TP-Link bulbs do the same thing. I’m not sure if that’s standard across manufacturers, or not. :man_shrugging:

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In order to be used as a standard bulb, if you switch the power off and then on again they will light up.

It would be nice if they would create an option on how you would like the bulbs to react to that, though.


Absolutely need ability to allow bulb to power back up after power failure and allow user to remotely use APP to regain control.

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I guess it is something we will have to live with until smart technology gets smarter. :upside_down_face:

I agree completely! I have a second home miles away, with cameras, I can see, if most the light bulbs are on! Hopefully, the app will give me control, to turn them off? Would not want them on, for weeks at a time possibly? I purchased 16 bulbs, probably won’t use them all,however, can’t imagine, not being able to turn, them off?

I’m certain this feature is on purpose. and I want it. If I can’t find my phone or google home isn’t working, I can switch the power off and back on and get the lights on right away.

Yes, that’s annoying if there is a power outage in the middle of the night…but really it is probably a safety feature…safety features can sometimes be inconvenient.

However, I’ve noticed that after they come on…once they re-connect to wifi, they reapply the last settings (so they go off if they were set to off)

You’d have to confirm if that is how it works…I haven’t tested it.

Some product specs or a manual would be nice.

Phillips Hue bulbs have a feature called “Power-on behavior” that lets you choose what happens when power is lost and then restored. There are three choices available PER BULB. The default option brings the light on at full brightness. The second option will use the last color and brightness level. The third is a custom option where you can set the color/intensity of the bulbs.

We chose the second option because that way, if the bulbs are off (at 0%) because we’re sleeping, and we have a power flicker, when power is restored to the bulbs, they’re going to come back at 0% and we don’t get woken up by blinding light. :slight_smile:

So we don’t have to wait for the technology to catch up. We just need Wyze to implement the same feature that Hue bulbs already enjoy.

It’s for this reason that none of my 8 new Wyze bulbs are going to be put in my bedroom. I’m going to stick with my Hue bulbs for our bedroom for now.

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This is a sound solution and a good suggestion.