After Event Playback the Event List should stay where it was

After playing one of the Events, going back to the Event List automatically scrolls back to the very top (most recent) Event. The List shouldn’t automatically scroll, it should stay still showing the Event that was just played.
There are several reason why it should stay still:
1.) The last Event played could be multiple pages down in the list, so now you have to scroll down to it each time and try to remember which Event you last played.
2.) If you want to SAVE or DELETE the last played event you shouldn’t have to scroll back down to it.
3.) if you want to play the NEXT Event or Previous Event, you shouldn’t have to scroll back down to it.
4. ) If you wanted to go back to the top of the list (Most Recent), the user should hit the HOME key or give them a button that says TOP. It shouldn’t automatically go back to the top.


I’m not seeing this behavior on my Android or iOS app at all.

What app version are you using?

How to Find App Version