After App Update today+, make sure you change each Camera's Event Recording Type

So now we no longer get videos only snap shots on events…unless we pay a subscription?

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Incorrect. You don’t have to pay. You can literally select $0 and get CamPlus Lite (terrible name) on all your cameras. This restores the 12 second clip functionality (not just thumbnails) and adds person detection.


I found that you need to renable them in the Account - Services section. Scroll all the way to the right and you will see Cam plus Lite. Add all camera to that plan and they will have th video option again.

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Also, if you are somehow got on the full Cam Plus trial (14 days) for a camera, there won’t even be the option to toggle image/video event recordings (well, after a few minutes*) and you will not be able to add/re-enable Cam Plus Lite either. You would have to wait until that trial runs out.

  • I installed two more Wyze Flood Lights today and of course was put into the 14 day Cam Plus trial. Though I initially saw the option for event recording type, after a few minutes that option disappeared. As my other new (past) cameras’ trials ended, I could then add them to my Cam Plus Lite and also verify/change to video event recording.
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Whenever I try and switch from image to video it takes me to the Wyze pro page and if I don’t update my v1 camera to pro then It won’t record any videos on those cameras. I hope this is a bug and not a new thing because this will lose me as a customer.

Try the video and various suggestions at

are you subscribed to Cam Plus Lite (even set to $0.00) for that/those camera(s)?

If the cloud is so expensive why not just store the 12s video clips along with continuous video to the SD card, allow us to setup a certain amount of storage on the SD card for detection videos and the balance for live continuous video it would then be our responsibility to keep the storage area cleaned up or an option to allow the 12s video clips to over write older clips like the continuous video does.

Then save the cloud for the customers who are willing to pay for it? What am I missing?

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