After, no more sound detection on Wyze Cam Pan

Did the app prompt you to choose an email app when you pressed submit? Please PM me your email address so I can have Wyze check to see if they received a support email from you.

I just submitted another support request (using the app) because, after going through the motions again, I believe my first attempt must have failed. This time, the Wyze app appeared to lock up for a while after I pressed the “Submit” button, but it finally came back and let me choose an email client. Once I did that, the request submitted successfully. It must have failed the first time, which explains why I never received a reply from Wyze.

Thanks for your reply… now I’ll wait for a response on this new submission.

Awesome, please keep us posted. :slight_smile:

Still problem has not been fixed even with the new update. Had to downgrade again to the firmware released in December ‘18 in order to make it work. But no IR night vision or person detection is available on that firmware…

They asked me to send another log… Did you already have a ticket open as well?