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How do I prevent someone else from doing the easy setup process with my Wyze Cam when they visit my rental condo?

I will be installing the Wyze Cam at my condo for security purposes. I also rent the condo out occasionally. I will advise visitors of the presence of the camera and how to disable it during their visit but what prevents them from downloading the app and going thru the setup process themselves with their own cell phone and email account, thus sending future video to themselves?


I would recommend that you place the camera somewhere high so that it isn’t easily accessible.


Seriously, Dude?
8 ft ceiling and standing on a chair gets them there.
I will wait for others in the Wyze Community to make suggestions but thanks for your help.


I didn’t say that it was fail proof but it makes it more of a task to pair it. Honestly I was searching the forum and found noting on anyone else having a similar problem like ur situation.

This is the closest thing to it but it isn’t available


Increase your security deposit.


Honestly, I am still waiting on USPS to deliver the cam to me so I have not gone thru the setup process myself yet and have only watched the video of how to set it up. But correct me if I’m wrong, is there anything that prevents someone from doing the setup process themselves on my Wyze Cams?
i.e., is the Mac address linked to the initial user of each camera when they are setup for the first time and then subsequent users are prevented from setting them up on their device unless the initial/registered user shares it with them? I’m just asking if there is a Safeguard that prevents someone from doing that without my permission. People are pretty smart these days.
Thanks for finding the other info, mixonepa.


Not really. There are threads on theoretical stolen cameras as it really isn’t common or even reported for that matter. Increasing your security deposit really isn’t a joke. Logging into the camera prior to a refund should be SOP.

You could look into something like a lockable thermostat housing and that depends on where you plan on placing it.


Yeah no, the Mac address is not tied to noting but the camera it is only used as an identity for the camera, I am not aware of any safety features to prevent someone from being able to “hijack” the camera.

To add onto what @overwatch said I would also recommend looking into some type of locked enclosure that you can place the camera in and not worry about tampering. Best of luck.


May end up paying more for the secure housing than they did for the camera. If some ‘not so bright’ person wants to lose a $200 deposit for stealing a $25 camera, you’re making money! If they are going to trash the place anyway, $25 is the least of your problems.


I also agree on this, he should let them know that any tampering with the camera will result in the lose of their deposit.


I agree… there is no way other than putting in the rental agreement that they will lose their deposit if they destroy or tamper with the camera in any way. Maybe you should invest in one of those camera housings like they sell on amazon.


How are you going to have them disable it while they are there? Unplug it, or would you be leaving a phone/tablet there where they can actually get into the app (under your account) and change things or share it with others? I would think that if they went through the actual setup process, wouldn’t that involve resetting the camera, downloading the app, creating their own account, and setting up the camera, but then wouldn’t you basically lose control of the camera yourself, i.e. your account would no longer work with it? Maybe I am wrong.


He could easily ask them if they mind having the camera running whether he be in a 2 party consent state he may be required to ask, so all he would have to do is turn the camera off via the wyze cam app. No unplugging required.


I’m not going to rent a condo with a running camera in it. I would think he meant telling them they could unplug it.


As a renter, that would totally creep me out. How would I know the person didn’t turn it back on at some point since all they have to do is click a button in an app that they have and I can’t see? Creepy. I would want that thing unplugged while I was there, or I probably wouldn’t be there. LOL


Vaild point but then again we don’t know where the camera is placed, because my camera is inside of my apartment facing my front stairs. I personally wouldn’t have a problem if I were renting and this were the case but if the camera is in a common area (I.e living room, kitchen) then I would ready to unplug it.


All that is required for video or audio is a sign stating you agree to video while on these premises, if not, don’t stay here.
Tampering with any fixture in a rental is clearly grounds for forfeiture of deposit, and possibly cancellation of the rental contract, and/or eviction from the premises. If they know they will get booted out for tampering, and lose deposit, they may think twice.

We had a really expensive telescope in our beach house rental. We placed a sign above it on the wall. Unless you have 8000 dollars don’t even think about touching it. Then we loosened one of the control knobs to the point of almost falling off. If you tried to adjust that knob or turn it, it would fall off in your hand. So far as we know no one ever touched the telescope. Either that or they were really careful and screwed the knob back on exactly as we had it tightened.





Not that I have a lot of secrets, but I’m not going to pay to stay in a condo that is recording video or audio. Period.


Completely understandable


That is the purpose of the ability to disable the camera. The camera is there to monitor the premises for security and not so much the renters. A before and after check by the property management company is likely to be sufficient in the case of rentals. Perhaps the property management company can enable and disable the camera for you/renters before and after rentals. A secure housing might be the solution for the Wyze Cam in this situation.

I always enjoy your comments.