adustable record time on motion alert



Im sure this has been addressed ad nauseam, not by me though. I would be really helpful to me and most others I would think. I would like to on motion alert have wyze record an input time length. 1,5,10 minutes as an example or a fill in the blank number of seconds 1-600 say. Given that motion detection lags a bit and never actually catches the mail man. A set time would allow you to say capture the UPS guy as he is leaving at least.


I agree this would be a useful feature. So, as an update, please add the ability to set a desired record time after sensing either sound or motion. I would only find this necessary for the record time to the SD card. The cloud recording can remain at 12 sec. Thx!



Yes, you’re right. It has been discussed ad nauseam. Unless Wyze decides to implement a paid storage plan (no word on that), then the cloud recording is not going to get longer than 12 sec. You can set the SD card to record only motion, in which case it saves each full minute from xx:00 to xx:59 that contains any motion. You can use the green shading on the timeline to find those events, or you can use the cloud alerts as a hint as to where to look on the playback timeline.


I should have been more clear. I am referring to local storage abilities. This could easily go in the local storage tab.


That’s very unlikely to change. The whole structure of the file system and the saving of motion events is based on one-minute intervals. Saving random intervals is just not going to happen. Sorry.

That said, you can always set the card to record continuously.


I agree. I get great footage of my garage door opening, but never of the person who comes through it. Got this because my neighbors have had a code breaker opening their garage door with break-ins. Not much use if they can take the camera and SD card, and the footage is not in the cloud.


I concur, 12 seconds is too short man! It’s especially too short when it’s switching from night view to light view. Wayze, please add an update that let’s us adjust the recording length of the detection under Alert Settings please. Everything else is great!


The 12 second clips ONLY applies to web cloud storage.

Local recording works in one minute files. If you are set to continuous recording, then recording is just that - continuous (in the one minute files) When set to Events only, as long as their is motion detection in any minute, then that minute file is saved. So as long as there is activity, it will retain the one minute files locally.