Adjusting sensitivity of sense motion sensor


Been playing with the new wyze-sense for couple of days and loving it :slight_smile: Put the contact sensor to great use, but having mixed luck with the motion sensor. Is there a way to control the sensitivity of this sensor? right now it is picking motion happening far away e.g. leaves moving, car passing by (it is far away, but has partial view of nearby street)

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It shouldn’t be picking up moving leaves unless they are hotter than their surroundings.


I don’t think you can adjust the sensitivity. Someone mentioned in another post that it might help by facing the sensor away from the street. I had a ton of false alarms facing it towards the street… I’m going to test facing it away from the street to see if it helps.

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I initially mounted a Motion sensor under a porch overhang, above an entry door and facing the street. It triggered when people walked on the sidewalk which measured at 41 feet from the sensor. That created numerous false positive events. After re-mounting the Motion sensor facing the door the only events triggered are when someone approaches the door.


I mounted a Motion Sensor under a wide roof overhang above a deck where it is protected from rain, wind, and direct sunlight. In Case 1 it was mounted to directly face the house door. Later, in Case 2 it was re-mounted above the door to face away from it. In both cases the sensor alerts very frequently, probably in response to sunlight that washes over the face of the glass of the door and the deck surface. Does anyone have suggestions on reducing these alerts, e.g., positioning or shielding of the sensor?


I don’t think that there is any law which says you have to have a PIR sensor horizontal. Place it above the door facing down and try that.

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Sadly, I get the same result when mounting the Motion Sensor on the ceiling of a porch overhang, facing down. A bright wash of sunlight across the surface of the deck seems to trigger the sensor.


A perfect solution may not exist for you.

Maybe you could look into some kind of artificial intelligence trigger.