Adjustable auto night vision sensitivity



As an example, my house is dark, but not enough to make it necessary to use night vision all the time, which is what happens when I set it to auto. I’d like to tweak how dark it needs to be before night vision kicks in.

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V2 light sensor keeps clicking

Would like to see this too. Though got the opposite problem.

The night vision threshold is too finicky for when my outdoor sensor light goes on and the cam keeps flipping back and forth between day and night mode, like a blinking kid staring at the sun. Also the pan cam tracks the mode changes as motion and keeps spazzing out moving back and forth randomly, generating random alerts.

A night vision sensitivity slider should help with this


i continue to have the same issue as deliriumm.tonic Several rooms in my home arent overly lit at dawn and dusk, and the sensor click incesantly for 30-45 minutes at least , daily ,if set to auto>
There cerainly should be a way to adjust sensitivity of when the IR is activated.