Adjust speaker volume



I bought 2 cameras for use in my kids’ rooms. I tried talking through them to test it out and the sound is very loud. In fact it scared my younger child. Is there plans to have the volume be adjustable in the future? I don’t want to scare my kids when I tell them to go to sleep.


There isn’t a volume adjustment. But two possible low tech solutions:

  1. Try speaking more quietly and/or holding the phone further from your mouth when you speak
  2. Put a sticker or some tape over the speaker holes on the back of the camera


Thanks. I know it’s not currently possible. I was just hoping maybe it could be done with a firmware update.


I’ll pass that along to the keep of the feature request list.


Hi RickO

I have no sound going thru the cameras speakers how i can fix this problem .


If you set the camera up again from scratch, do you get the “Ready to Connect” audio? If not, you could try re-flashing the firmware. If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to file a support ticket.

If you hear audio when setting it up, you could also try factory reset (hold setup button for 30 sec) or re-flashing firmware. Make sure you have given the Wyze app permission to use the phone’s microphone.