Additional PINs for home monitoring system

Please allow for multiple PINs for the home monitoring system. It’s helpful to be able to create different PINs for different guests, both so I know who unlocked the system and so that guest doesn’t have to remember a random number. It would also be great to be able to set temporary PINs for a pet sitter, etc. Thank you.

I just set up the system today and I was having the same conversation with my wife.

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Hi, regarding the additional PINs, did you get any response from Wyze if this available or will be available in the near future. Also, I’m assuming you are already a Wyze Home Monitoring users, I’m about to purchase one for myself. I’m switching from ADT to Wyze but I have a few unanswered questions. One of which is, does it chimes or announced which door was opened or closed? This way I would know in case I don’t have my phone with me. Also, does it notify you if a door or window is still open in case you forgot to close it? Would appreciate any inputs you may have. Thank you very much

There needs to be multiple pin numbers for the home monitoring system so that multiple users(family members) can have there own unique number. Doing so will help know who has entered and exited along with suspending or catching unwanted or limited time user. Ex: HVAC, Plumber, Repair man can have a temp code that can be deleted or changed.