Adding Wyze V2 RTSP to Luxriot?

Has anyone been able to add a Wyze Cam V2 to Luxriot via RTSP? I uploaded the unsupported firmware from Wyze to enable RTSP on the camera, and I can see view it just fine in VLC at rtsp://anonymous:password@

That URL is helpfully generated by the Wyze iOS app as soon as you enable RSTP. Note the required “/live” at the end of the URL

“rtsp://anonymous:password@” doesn’t work in VLC, and nor does “rtsp://anonymous:password@”

I can’t figure out how to add it to Luxriot as a New Device. Scanning for new devices (including specifying Port 554 and anonymous:password) finds no new devices at

Manually adding it as a Generic (RTSP Compatible), including including specifying Port 554 and anonymous:password, doesn’t work either, resulting in an “RTSP Error”:

I’m wondering if the “/live” at the end of the required URL is the problem. There’s no way for me to add a path to the IP address in Luxriot.

Anyone else have this working?

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If I try to add to Luxriot, I get:

Ah, thanks! LuxRiot responded to me, which is pretty good for a free product!

It’s working!


Great! However, I downloaded and installed the LUxriot App, but I do not see the page that you show. Where/how do I get to it?

Looks to me like that is the desktop version of the program?

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Thank you! I was able to make it work because of you sharing here

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Wow, belated thanks. I’ve been trying to catch up on the various NVR systems but somehow never heard of LuxRiot Evo Complimentary edition until this thread. Sounds as if it can do everything Blue Iris can do but for free…

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Just want to leave a quick thanks to @TheWaterbug for posting the solution to add a Wyzecam to Luxriot EVO. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.