Adding/sharing wyzebands on a shared account

So we have 5 Wyze cams set up plus a doorbell we had prior to Wyze cams. I ordered and received 2 Wyzebands, one for me and one for my wife. Connectivity has not been a problem except I had to put my wife on another account. She now has no access to the cameras without switching between the two accounts. Somehow we should STILL be able to “share” the account. Connect my band to my phone and her band to her phone and share cams through app. Just checking to see if I’m missing something.
I connected my band easily to my phone but when I tried connecting hers to her phone, it only wanted to connect to my phone until I started her own account on her phone and then it connected right up has worked flawlessly. It would be great if we could both monitor the cameras as I’m not always someplace with available phone service and the same goes for her.
If I’m not missing something and this is the only set up for now, maybe a software tweak is in store?


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I have since solved this problem.

Good to know. Perhaps you could outline the solution here for others who may be having the same issue?

When I first setup the Wyzebands, we were already sharing an account for the cameras. i tried to setup that way but both bands wanted to setup to MY phone only. I created an account for my wife, then set up her WB to her phone. Went back into the app on MY phone and shared to her new account. It then came up on her phone to accept. Choose the items (all 5 cameras) and voila…

When originally shared, we only had one account. It will not work with sharing one account.

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