Adding second Wyze Cam v3 to Floodlight Cam Problem w/ Extension Cord

I installed my Wyze Cam Floodlight recently and it’s working perfectly. I wanted to add a second Wyze Cam v3 and searched this forum for types of USB extensions that would work, and learned that just about any micro USB cable under about 40 ft should work. I got this from Amazon:

It only powers up the v3 if I have it plugged straight into an outlet, not if I have it plugged into the floodlight. The shorter flat cord that comes with the v3 works fine plugged into the floodlight. It’s only 15 ft so I can’t see it being an issue with not supplying enough power, but since it works fine plugged into the AC adapter it seems like it has to be the reason.

Is there something I should know before I return it to Amazon?

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This would be a great time to have a USB Voltage Tester to see what’s up. Sounds like you are either getting low voltage from the floodlight, or that cable has more loss that one would expect. I agree, it should work. :neutral_face:

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If it works with the short cable but not the long one on the floodlight, it’s probably a low quality cable with lots of resistance. The adapter you used in the wall may be just strong enough to get sufficient power to the cam, but the floodlights not. If you don’t have anything to test it I would just return it and get a diffrent one.

OK, I’m an idiot, but I’m going to post this just in case someone else has the same issue.

I got another cable to try, and this one didn’t work either. I got frustrated and just really jammed the thing in there and felt the camera click on. I went back and tried the original cable and got it to work just by pressing really hard on the USB connection. I think the waterproof sleeve was binding up to where I thought it was in all the way but it wasn’t.

Problem solved, camera works great. Thanks for those who offered their help.

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Glad you got it working :smiley: