Add support for microSD cards larger than 32GB

I am rocking my Wyze cam with a 64gb mSD card now.

We know higher capacities work. We where just wondering if it where possible to get these higher capacities officially supported, and possibly in the future upgraded.

A Wyze NAS? Sounds like something I would buy in a heartbeat

I have seen a limitation where I have not been able to flash firmware via SD card if it was larger than 32 gb, If that is an actual issue and not just an error on my end I could see them not wanting to change the official supported amount.

I think the main issue with official declaration of support is that 32GB is the addressable space limit for 32-bit filesystems such as FAT32.

It’s a backwards compatibility limitation of the intrinsic file system itself more so than Wyze’s (or any manufacturer’s) lack of willingness to support larger capacities. Certain aspects of the cameras might have no trouble with larger cards, but other aspects of SD card access cannot be guaranteed if they are incapable of addressing space beyond the 32GB threshold. Hence, Wyze wouldn’t want to steer anyone down a blocked path to risk backlash.

SanDisk has a good FAQ blurb on the various capacity flavors & filesystems:


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All of my Wyze cameras use 128GB microSD cards, and have so for the last couple years. I have used Sandisk and they come with the correct format. I only had a problem one time/one microSD card, but I downloaded a free formatted software and re-formatted it and it’s been running great since. BTW I run my 128GB continuously, such that it records 7 x 24 for a little over 2 weeks.

Is there any plan to support bigger cards with more storage capabilities?

Hi riallmon,

I used a 64gb SD card successfully in my wyze V2 for months until this last update. Now it fails to recognize the card. I have swapped a 32gb and 64gb card in and out, and sure enough, the 32gb card is recognized, and the 64gb card is not. It says there is no card in the camera, but when I swap the 32gb card in, voila!, there is a SD card. Have you noticed any problems with your 128gb cards in the past week or two?

Which update are you referring to? firmware or software? Which version number? I’m still using a 128 gb card in my wyzecam v2 with no problems with firmware

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I’m on; Not sure which update broke it, but I even reformatted the 64gb card but no happiness when I inserted it back into the Wyze Cam. But the 32gb card found a home easily.

Very curious.

I’m using the latest beta version and have not had any problems. Please note that the one time that I did have a problem, it was in the form of the camera rebooting every one minute, like exactly to the minute. I was in discussions with Wyze support and either they told me or I decided to try to reformat the card. I believe that Wyze requires exFat32 format, which typically only works up to 32GB, but I found a free Windows software that could do my 128GB card and it worked out great. Haven’t had an issue since in over a year.

I’m sorry. The cameras are using the latest firmware; for V2 and for PAN cam.

There’s a big difference between exFat and fat32. Fat32 could potentially handle up to 2 TB of hard drive space, although Windows limits it to 32 GB to promote NTFS. exFat can handle 128 PiB or possibly 16 EiB (both of which most people won’t even scratch the surface of it’s potential).

Christian, thank you for calling me out on the format. I was going from memory and was wrong. I picked up a Windows program that allowed me to choose a format but the important thing is that I had to stick with the format wyze uses of course which is Fat32 (had to look it up). Sorry for my error. I believe that I found that the reformat using what wyze offered did not work out did not format the entire 128GB. So the free Windows-based program I found on the web did the trick.

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First I’d like to be able to use a larger card and there would be 2 directories. One for live stream that gets overwritten after it’s full (we set size limits for live stream) the other for saving full motion events (not just 12 sec) and it won’t get overwritten.

Would definitely like to have more storage than 32GB. 256GB would be nice but at least 128GB

Welcome to the forums! As 32 gig is the officially supported limit, folks have chosen to leave the supported zone and have had success with much higher sized cards. Most my cams have 64 gig cards, rest have 32.

I use a 200GB and a 256GB in my two Cam V2 and it works fine.

To be able to use a larger micro SD card in the outdoor unit.