Add support for microSD cards larger than 32GB



I would like to use a larger microSD card that the current limited 32GB supported size. I’ve heard it can be done, but isn’t supported. Why can’t we get this supported?


I have been using two cameras with 64GB microSD cards without any problems.


Maybe using a 64 GB Card is the answer to SD cards being corrupted when they near capacity.


Brand and type that are working?


I’ve been using the 64GB Sandisk that sells for about $20 with no issues.
I do Continuous Recording, it holds around 10days. I’ve formatted it with the the Wyzecam. Currently it shows the size as 59.45 GB. It’s not a endurance card, so we’ll see how long it lasts, but its been in their for 6-months so far (Wyzecam v2).


I pretty much use the Samsung cards as they are almost always the least expensive and have worked flawlessly in the Wyze cams as well as everything else I throw them at (Raspberry Pi, Android phones/tablets, Windows tablets - you name it). Rock solid. And less than $13.


Large SD card support would be great. This may be a licensing issue with Microsoft which owns the exFAT format. This would increase costs. If the captured videos could be offloaded automatically to a personal cloud storage or NAS, this need may be negated.


Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB micro SD card working great. Just format using the app and then reboot camera.