Add "Sorry no soliciting" or equivalent to Doorbell Camera "Quick Responses"

The number of at home solicitations have skyrocketed where I live in the past year; some legit and some scams or pre-cursors to burglary/home invasion.

It would greatly increase at home personal safety if Quick Responses had a “no soliciations” message for people to use.

  1. the quick response would not disclose any personal information of the resident to the solicitor (age, gender, # of occupants, or other audible meta-data)

  2. the quick response would avoid confrontation/retaliation due to it’s neutral computer generated/recorded tone and delivery. It’s easy to get irritated with solicitors, especially when they ignore posted signs.

  3. this should be “low hanging fruit” for the devs as it is only requiring an additional canned response to be added to the three currently available options.

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