Add same device to multiple groups (cameras)

Please don’t let this die, this would a very useful feature.

I would love to see cameras be supported in multiple groups and also to see a preview of all cameras on the home screen individually as well. Groups are more for a current live view selection like a preference and I hope they make this change.

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Checking back on this…has this feature rolled out yet?

No it is not available right now… It’s categorized as maybe later.

I hope they do this , it’s really nice that I can do that with Alexa

Currently you can only add a camera to one group. Why this limitation?

Can you please allow selecting a camera for more than one group?

I too would like this feature. Multiple groups and on top of that I’d like the cameras to remain independently selectable outside the groups. I don’t want to have to open all cameras just to see one of them.

It would be great if we could group cams in to multiple groups. For example a group called All Cams May have every Wyze cam I own in it, and another group called Front of House may only contain 2 of the 4 cams.

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Any update on this?

It’s under maybe-later which means there not working on this but it might come later.

Currently you can only have each camera in one group. If camera A is in group 1, camera A cannot be in group 2… Is it possible to be able to have one camera in multiple groups? I like being able to designate Smaller groups of cameras but would also like to have an “all cams” group. Just a though.

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I want to be able to put my camera into multiple camera groups. So that I can see my back porch at the same time as my backyard. But also see my front yard, driveway, side yard, and backyard together.

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What would also provide more options is to allow devices to be added to/grouped in multiple groups. This is very useful for whole house operations and is available on many other products. I use this to easily shut down everything when I leave.

I would like to be able to open the app to a small list of favorite devices and not my whole inventory. This would require a UI update that I think would be necessary especially with the new devices incoming.

So I’d like to have a camera marked as favorite and see it first, say backyard camera to quickly view what my dogs are up to. But also want an outdoor group listed that I can select to show me front yard, backyard and driveway at once quickly.

I don’t care the status of my doors unless I’m looking for them specifically, Or my Lock Gateway is unnecessary space in my Home list. I’d rather open to Home as Favorites instead and have a seperate tab of all devices.

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This, please!

I can think of a hundred reasons why I would want a single camera to belong to different groups.

It would be nice to be create different camera groups using the same cameras. Such as:

1st group
Say all cameras in one group (inside and outside)
2nd group
2 of the 4 Outside cameras above in another group
3rd group
Only inside cameras in another group.
4th group
Perhaps back yard caneras in another group.
And so on.

I was able to create one group with all 4 cameras but I would like I second group for outside viewing only but it would not allow it as all 4 cameras are already used in the 1st and only group?

What is the reason that a camera can only be in one group?

I.e. say you have cameras all around your house. You have a group for cameras for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Sometimes you’d want to look at all of them at the same time without having to look at the upstairs and downstairs groups one after the other.

One should be able to have the cameras in the upstairs and downstairs also in a ‘whole house’ group.


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So is there any movement on this, because this feature would be extremely useful.

This would be a great feature to have added. however it been out there since april 2019 so i going to assume there will be no movement. If that is the case then let us know.

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We need a response from Wyze on groups in the App. It is essential to be able group different devices under one group name.

That is, Living Room has three bulbs, one color bulb, two switches , and a camera. It should be possible to define a group with these devices in it - check every other App out there!

@WyzeGwendolyn Can you please look into this? It’s simple enough I suspect.