Add same camera to multiple groups

Can we add the option to add the same camera to multiple groups? I noticed a lot of people requesting this feature when grouping was still in beta.

You have my vote!

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Mine too. I can think of many uses for that feature.

Also, don’t delete the camera from the main selection list when it is added to a group. Could create a group containing just one camera, but that would be just extra work.


Letting the same camera be in multiple camera group.

Yup, very valid point. I posted about this yesterday as well. Creating of a Group should not “override” the “base” thumbnail access to each camera.


@TheronSJ, @Wellcraft19
Vote for that here in a separate post.


Would like this feature.

When I updated the app I created to group with cameras in the front of the house and one with cameras in the back of the house. When I went to make a group with all of my cameras I realized that you can only put a camera in one group. It would be nice to be able to put cameras in multiple groups.


How do I make group of multiple cameras?

See “Grouping” under this Support article. :slight_smile:

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now that we have grouping in the official non beta app I too noticed that it would be very beneficial to have a camera in more than one group. Specifically there are times during the day that I don’t need to see live feed of one or more cameras but now I’m required to remove and re-add them to see the group how I want to see them.

Did you see my reply just above your comment? It addresses what you mention. It’s sometimes helpful to peruse a thread before commenting. :slight_smile:

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I did read your post above mine in addition to all the others on this thread. I actually searched for this thread to see if someone posted a wishlist for adding camera #1 to group #1 and then adding camera #1 to a new group #2. In the user guide it doesn’t mention that this is possible. Am I not seeing something here? When creating a new group cameras already added to an existing group are grayed out.


My apologies. It sounded to me like you were asking how to use the cameras individually. I see now you are just wanting the same thing as the OP. Have you voted for this topic at the top-left? :slight_smile:


no problem. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Yes I voted. Thanks for your response. Cheers!!


it would be nice to create groups with the same camera in each group. ex camera #1 to group #1 and then adding camera #1 to a group #2 and group #3. I would like to be able to look at all my interior cameras at the same time and sometimes just the baby’s room with out having to add/remove the baby’s room camera each time I just want to monitor that room. I know there are other posts similar to this one but its not explained until further down in the replies.