Add/Remove "USER" for scale, not "sharing"

I setup my WYZE Scale today. Love it. I then setup my wife as a “user” on that device. I then thought she would not have my phone with her when she is using the scale so I shared the device with her to her WYZE account. Now when she uses it she gets a message saying someone else with the same metrics is using the scale and she has to keep her app open to get a reading. How can I remove her as a “user” on my account? I know how to stop “sharing” but how do I remove her as a “user”?

Here is how you will want to do it. Go into the scale on the app. Tap the gear in the upper right of the scale screen, this will take you to scale settings, tap on Users, this will take you to the list of users. Tap on the user to be deleted and scroll to the bottom and there will be a delete user button. That should do it.


Jason - thanks for helping us. I just received my scale today. It’s beautiful! However, I’m SUPER confused. Can you please help?

  1. I set up the scale for me. Works great.
  2. I want to add my husband as another user. So I added him under Users.
  3. Does he need the Wyze app in order to take his weight? If not, does he have to use my phone every time he wants to take his weight?
    (The instructions, at least to me, are confusing. They say that “You can share the scale with other family members…” Does this mean Scale Settings > Share and inviting them, or does this mean in general that other family members can also USE the scale and record their measurements?

Can you please elaborate a bit on how 2 (or more) people can use the scale to take their own measurements; whether or not they need the Wyze app (and if so, what do they setup in the app); and do these other users need my phone to take their weight?

I appreciate your help.


The ideal way to add him would be for him to put the app on his phone and set up his own account, then you could share the scale with him. You would do that in Scale Settings>Share.

Both of you can weigh yourselves without actually having the phone with you, it will store the information in the scale and transfer it over next time it connects. If he does not install the app on his phone he would have to use your phone to see any of his history that is saved. If he builds his own account and you share it (the preferred way) then each person will have their info on their own phone.


Hi, Jason. Thanks, This worked. However, Wyze really needs to reword the instructions! It’s not clear the difference between “Sharing” and “Add User” - they are exactly the opposite of what I would think.

For Wyze cameras, you can “Share” a camera view with someone. To be consistent for the scale, to “share” implies that you are sharing your stats with someone (a family member, a relative/friend), whereas “Add User” (at least to me) implies that you are allowing another person to use the account.

Also, it’s unclear that when I “share” with someone that the invitation will show up in their Wyze app (rather than in email or a text message).

Finally, Wyze should clarify that for another person (who isn’t really a “User”!) to use the scale, that person needs to download the app, create an account, but does not need (nor should) add the scale as a device.

Thanks for helping me (and many others, I’m sure!).


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@dcollett, you make some very good points and I will pass them along. I am also glad you got it figured out.

Here’s exactly the process I used. This may help others:

Wyze Scale – Setup for 2 or more people

These instructions assume that Person A is the one initially setting up the scale.

  1. Person A : Turn on your Bluetooth. Open the Wyze app. Add the scale as a new device and follow instructions. It will ask you to stand on the scale (in bare feet) to take your readings.

  2. Person B : Turn on Bluetooth. If you haven’t already downloaded the Wyze app, do it now, create a Wyze account, then login. Do NOT try to add the scale as a device! (Only 1 person can add the scale.)

  3. Person A : In the gear menu, select Share, click on the + sign at the bottom, and enter the same email address that Person B used in Step 2 (the Wyze account email addr). It will show on Person A’s phone that this invitation is Pending.

  4. Person B : Be right next to the scale. Open your Wyze app. You should (eventually) see the invitation in the Wyze app (not in email or text). Accept the invitation. You will now be instructed to stand on the scale barefoot for the first reading.

At this point, the scale is setup for both of you.

To take a new reading (for either person):

  • Turn on your Bluetooth and be near the scale. Take off your socks.
  • Open the Wyze app, then click on the Wyze Scale entry.
  • Stand on the scale for your weight & other stats. Click on the bottom box for heart rate.
  • When you have finished viewing your stats, quit the Wyze app.

To add more people to the scale:

Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4 above for each person.

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I did just that. I deleted my wife as a “user” on my phone and shared the scale to her account. Now it gives her a warning that there are existing users with the same metrics. Additional users aren’t showing up in either of our apps.